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Secret Satan 2019

The Hot Pepper

Well this was such a huge success last year let's do it again!

It may seem odd to do a Secret Satan around the holidays, but this is not tied to Christmas, instead, the season of giving, and includes everybody! And we are talking hot sauce here people! The devil, satan, and all kinds of evil, we are used to the connection. :hell:
So here's how it works!
Step 1: Make sure your address is correct in your customer details or you will not get a package from your Secret Satan!
Step 2: Reply below saying you are in! And please post your country of residence. If you are in the USA you may state that you cannot ship internationally. Sorry but if you are in another country you may have to, unless there are two and we will match you up!
Step 3. When you receive the address of the person you are to send to, send a gift of hot sauce/products to them with a minimum retail value of $12 and a maximum of $30. Include a letter with your THP username so they know who it is from (template provided).
Step 4. Post your thanks in the this thread with a pic of the gift and letter. :)
This list will close on Sun Dec 9!
Okay so WHO IS IN?!

For clarification...can non-commercial hobby sauces be shared? Iirc, last year, hobby sauces could be sent as long as they were properly labeled and the main gift was something commercially packaged.
The Hot Pepper
Crazy Monkey
11 so far! Great list I thought it was smaller it's just because there's no banter... keep it going!