website Seed Sales out of Nova Scotia, Canada. :)


For the past few years my life has taken a shift towards being a caregiver and I have had some setbacks with my small operation - including my original large greenhouse toppling a couple winters ago. As a result, I have had less greenhouse space to work with, and less time, so I have had to turn my focus more towards local sales of seedlings and fresh peppers for the longest time.

Now, finally, this season I've been able to put in more focus, time, and effort, and for the first time in years I now have seeds available for sale and I've put up a simple Square online shop that includes a range of payment options. I can also accept e-Transfer for those contact me directly. My selection is small, but it's a start!

To learn more about my story and history of growing in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada,
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Please visit my new, small, modest online shop!