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shopping Seed sellers in Europe


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Any of our European chilli heads have recommendations for good seed sellers in Europe and not too expensive with the delivery charges?

I've found Badskins garden in Belgium which looks like it could fulfil most of my wants and needs for 2023.
And this one looks interesting https://www.tomatofifou.com/

Give me your good, bad and ugly seed suppliers in Europe.
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Hello Tinkerbelle099.
I bought seeds a few Badskinsgarden.be several years ago and did well. I made a repeat purchase here last year and it was a real disaster. Germination rates were between 0 and 10%. Of the few seeds that germinated, almost all the seedlings died. In short, out of 120 seeds that I put to germinate, I only obtained 2 plants that did not correspond to what I expected, apparently both are hybrids.

Semillas.de is always a safe supplier. For me, its germination rate is close to 80%. In addition, in the last 5 years I have only obtained 3 hybrids, the rest of the varieties have turned out to be what I expected.

2 years ago I ordered seeds at croatianseeds-store.com, of peppers I only ordered 2 varieties, the germination rate was good and the two varieties were correct.

Now there is another guy on the market, mikelsimon.com, I haven't bought yet, nor plan to, either, but only because I have a lot of seeds waiting to be planted next season.

By the way, texashotpeppers.net is from the USA and thehippyseedcompany.com is from Australia, but they ship to Europe with no problem. For me these are also a safe value, you just have to be patient for the envelope to arrive.

Fatalii.net are also other guys playing this in Europe. Perhaps its seeds are a bit expensive.

Good luck.
Semilla La Palma is good. Low prices and plenty of chilis to choose from. Fataliiseeds is expensive and I haven't never bought anything yet. I always found more interesting varieties from the others and cheaper. My choice is always to buy where you found the most interesting varieties you want to grow :) TexasHotPeppers, WhiteHotPeppers etc. We have good times. Hundreds varieties to choose from
Great overview from @SpainChillihead I agree completely.
I can add my own experience from european seed shops:

Kind of like the Apple of seedshops, the seeds are expensive but the website is great, with good descriptions and pictures. Be aware I have sometimes seen common varieties renamed on the site for an increased price. Nevertheless I have had great plants from this site and will probably buy from them again, they get new varieties very often, and if you are subscribed to the newsletter, you get access to a special VIP section with "rare" seeds. Which I find a little stupid because those seeds you can easily get elsewhere. They also include freebies so in a way that makes the higher prices a little easier to swallow.

Website is not as "nice" (own opinion) as Fatalii, but you can sort seeds by species and there's a HUGE wild category. The prices are the best across all sites I have come across. They also just got new seeds recently. I just bought from them recently and will probably again :).

So the reason I mention this site, as I haven't bought from them yet, is because another danish seedshop I have used very often, gets their seeds from this site. So in a way I have bought from them indirectly. Huge selection and I will probably also buy from them in the future.

Not an european shop, but I have bought from them countless times, and they always top off with as many free seed packs as you order. This makes the just slightly higher shipping price very okay. Never had an issue with them, and when it comes to gnarly peppers or new crazy crosses, this is my go-to. Only downside, they specialize in Chinense peppers, but that's only a downside if you don't like those.

The hippie seed company
Australian seed shop but will deliver to Europe. Great site as well. The shipping from australia to Northern Europe was about a month so order in good time. They even included a handwritten note in my native language saying thanks for the order. That is something im just a sucker for and I will always recommend them because of this haha. That said, I have only ordered one seedpack from them, a murupi amarela which ended up being a cross as they where bright yellow (This one is supposed to be white), I wrote to them about it, but never heard from them. Still I think they are passionate about their seedshop.

Honorable mention:
I mentioned above in the pepperseeds.eu review that A danish shop got some of their seed supply from them. This is the danish vendor. Unfortunately the site is not in English, and I have no experience if they deliver outside of Denmark. Just wanted to mention them as this was the site I bought my first pepper seeds from and I still buy from them from time to time.

Supposedly one of the best in getting true seeds as they isolate their plants. The prices do reflect this..
I have never bought from them as their website don't let me sort according to pepper species, but only according to "heat". That's the one reason I have never bought from them, but they also deliver to Europe.

Hope that helps :)
EDIT: I just want to make it clear that I have no affiliation to any of these sites, and all of the above reflect my own experiences.
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You've all covered just about all the sellers I can think of and some I've never even heard of.

I just want to add Premier Seeds Direct.

I've shopped there many times, both tomatoes, herbs and peppers, and they were fast, reliable and the seeds I bought alway came out as they were supposed to. As far as I know they sell from their own web site as well as from ebay.co.uk and amazon.co.uk.
As others have said, you can't go wrong with WHP, THSC or La Palma. I'll add to that list these very reputable vendors from which I ordered a few times too. All great folks and they usually reply quite rapidly to inquiries:

Vertiloom (good seed viability, grow true to type and great customer service). The next 5 are very good and well-known growers/hybridizers among the european pepper world. They all offer some very badass stuff that is sure to blow your mind ;)

Welsh Dragon Chilli
Gorol Chilli
Sorana Pepper
Ben White
Space Chilli Peppers

THP, Atlantic Pepper Seeds and Chili Shop all have impressive catalogues but most varieties are unstable hybrids so don't expect to grow what you see on their website. Concerning Croatian Seeds Store while most were true to type (including winter squashes and tomatoes) some were obviously very young crosses (F2-f3?), mislabelled seeds or unknown crosses.
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I have ordered several times from Vertiloom, also tomatoes. I second Bou's opinion.

I also recommend Welsh Dragon Chilli (Chris Fowler on FB). His prices are perhaps a bit higher than average, but he adds a lot of extras. He also offers good customer service.
I have ordered several times from Vertiloom, also tomatoes. I second Bou's opinion.

I also recommend Welsh Dragon Chilli (Chris Fowler on FB). His prices are perhaps a bit higher than average, but he adds a lot of extras. He also offers good customer service.
Hey @ahayastani , speaking of seeds you still haven't received the package I sent ages ago??
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😭 😭 😭

Sadly not. Sorry 😥
Dammit☹️ There may be hope that it will be delivered one day; 2 weeks ago I received an unexpected envelope sent 13 months earlier...🤦‍♂️
When you're in Europe, it may also matter if you have to pay import fees when ordering seeds from outside of Europe as those fees are usually way higher than the actual value of the package. The fees are the reason I'm no longer ordering seeds from RFC as they always send their seeds in a declared package, and that's sad because RFC used to be my go-to vendor. WHP and THSC mail their seeds in a plain envelope so no import problems there. I'm not sure about other vendors, like THP. Any info on this matter is welcome! 🙂
Seed vendors normally don't have IOSS, so if the package is declared, BPost add automatically €15 for their declaration costs :)
Indeed, but seeds that are sent in a plain envelope or post card without any value declaration attached to it arrive directly in your mail box. Some vendors do it, some (like RFC) don't.

I once contacted RFC about this, asking them to send the seeds in a plain envelope. I got a rather blunt answer that they don't do that and if I don't like that I should go elswhere... 🙄
Lots of interesting information here. WHP used to be a supplier that I liked very much: a very nice guy, with interesting varieties. However I was sad to receive the following message in November 2021:

"For my customers in EU nations. I am sorry, but at this time I will not be able to sell to the EU due to the new VAT Tax regulations that were put in place on July 1. I am just a hobby shop, and have a full time real job, and just do not have the time right now to deal with extra paper work and tax payments. My web host has indicated they will automatically collect VAT tax from EU nations so I cannot afford the legal issues that may come from that if I do not have everything setup properly. There may be a future date if this ever becomes a full time business that I will go through with that and again sell to the EU, but for now, I am just not able to"

Does anyone know if Justin sends his seeds back to Europe?