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shopping Seed sellers in Europe


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Hi there, there's a good store here in Portugal called FoxPeppers, their reliable, the seeds are good and well choosen, High and nice variety, also some tomatoes varietys.


I have ordered from Fox Peppers once. Germination was good and they carried some varieties nobody else offered, especially superhots.
I bought most of my seeds from the US and even got seeds from a guy in Tasmania. All came in without problems

In the EU i bought from the following

Semistrani ( took a couple weeks )
Semillas.de ( great selection )
Fox peppers ( on the way )
Badskins ( on the way )

Still have a couple to go😎👌


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I've got an order coming from Vertiloom as well :D
This thread is horrible. I'm sure I'll be clicking all the links in here even though I have everything I need for this season.

To repay the favor... 😇 There are some Dutch shops not yet mentioned here. I've had good experience with all three of them.


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I ordered from pepperseeds.eu just before Christmas, seeds arrived in good time :D
I couldn't help myself and ordered a few seeds from Pepperworld. Their collection is amazing! Unfortunately I got an email today that they only send to Germany and Austria. I guess the universe is telling me something. 🙃


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Can you not get the same seeds from pepperseeds.eu?