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Can you guys share the best places to buy hot pepper seeds? Most reputable and healthy seeds? I purchased some from amazon and everyone was diseased so I would like to try again with a healthy start.


Dammit busted talkin out my ass. no i havent ordered from there. yet that is. but this guys rep is like titanium. some of the heavies and legends on here get some of there seeds there. (besides peters got the best chile porn on the web imo) i here shipping takes a little longer cause overseas. but his prices are damn proper.
in the future i will be ordering my seeds from pepperlover or semillas solely on their rep earned here. (the best pepper site on the planet.)
my refiningfirechiles. experience this year.
selection).........  great
service)......... better than prompt
germination).......... lousy on ja choc hab and aji amarillo and pineapple the rest was ok or better his morugas are vigorous.
prices)......... recockulous!!!
First year growing peppers in several years.  Started out hunting cheap seeds and also got some from Amazon.  So far they seem OK, won't know until picking time later this year.  I did order several from semillas.de after reading about him on this site.  Got about 20 varieties from him.  All germinated well.  Takes longer due to overseas shipping but still arrived in Illinois in about week and a half I think.  Prices were about the best I found at about $2 for 10 seeds.