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music Sept. 25th Is "One Hit Wonder Day "- Whats Yours?

ok, this band put out only 1 album with 1 hit. one of it`s members went on to have other hits with his solo career as well as with others. 
the ultimate 1 hit wonder!    :metal:
edit to add:
Layla was written about Pattie Boyd which was george harrison's wife. clapton wanted her badly and she eventually divorced harrison and married clapton. at least 10 songs have been written about Pattie Boyd. 3 beatles songs were about her. claptons "wonderful tonight" was about her. she must have been very special! here is a link about the songs.
WarrantMan said:
 I saw Bon Jovi open for Ratt (he had a breakout song called "Runaway.") 1980's in Biloxi, Mississippi. From what little I can recall, it was a great concert  ;)
wow, bon jovi went on and made a bunch of other hits and ratt kinda fizzled out.  i once saw def leppard open for styx and another time open for aerosmith but never saw them as a headliner. i saw the black crows open for aerosmith also. back in the say i saw so many concerts that i can`t remember most of the opening acis.