Shishito peppers are the shishit

austin87 said:
Shishitos and padrons are very similar. About 1 in 10 is pretty hot. Well at least a nice surprise when you are eating a bunch of mild peppers.
Again, this is not an exact science. The reason their heat is what it is is because they are picked early before most of the peppers reach full heat so, depending on when exactly you pick them, it can be anywhere from 1 in 30 to 1 in 6 and, if you let them go red, every single one will be fairly but not really hot.
I can't speak for shishitos but I'm past the point where I can't pick apart "hot" and mild Padrons without really concentrating.
Shishito’s are indeed the shishit! The taste is still lingering in my mouth… I don’t even know how to describe them, just delicious! I oiled them in olive oil and put in a medium/high heat cast iron pan and roasted until blistered and slightly blackened all over! A small sprinkling of sea salt and the indulging ensued! I couldn’t be more pleased with them! Definitely one to grow for some good eats! I’m going to ask all the local grocers why in the heck they don’t carry these! 
Roasted, toasted and tasty!

Closer!!  :drooling:
Shishitos, Padrons, whatever... I REALLY want to try it this way now! With no grill at the moment however, my adored cast iron is my trusty tried and true method. Cast iron is always awesome, but this would impart a depth of smokiness and true charred flavor you can't really replicate any other way! Watch & salivate!! :drooling:  :drooling:  :drooling:
Damn. I'm going to a barbecue in 2 days but my local stores only sell padrons in mid spring.
Why? Because they're seasonal. But what pepper stops producing the moment summer hits?
twiasp said:
Ever try blistering them in your cast iron skillet with bacon grease instead of olive oil, TXCG?  We sautee sliced up Jalepeno's this way for burger or fries toppings.
Have not done this yet but I'll have to give it a go next time I cook some bacon. 
turn1200 said:
Can anyone share a reputable vendor from whom I can procure some seeds? Thanks, would appreciate it!
I have purchased from this vendor before.  Great customer service and good prices.  Hope that helps, and welcome to the forum.   :)
We also give them a quick toss in olive oil, We add some onion and garlic too then put them on a pan under the broiler just until they blister a little.
One thing ive noticed, every now and then you find the "bullet" in the bunch. It will have 10-20 times as much heat. Its like Russian Roulette with a happy ending.
SmokenFire said:
I have purchased from this vendor before.  Great customer service and good prices.  Hope that helps, and welcome to the forum.   :)
Thanks! I had this site in my favorites. Maybe I forgot my login. I ordered from John a few years back and had a pretty good experience so I ordered some from him (as well as fatalii, rocoto - both of which I've wanted for a while, and Borg 9 which sounds interesting).