Shorerider's nighttime drive

hogleg said:
That thing just "Jimmy Supafly Snooka'd" A car!?! I don't think Kevin the C has anything for him  :rofl:
Further more I think cunt is way more of a bad word than f**k, which is censored  :rofl: What happened Boss? Guess you weren't counting on that one? :rofl:
you see i think that the C word when calling someone that name is offensive but when it came to Kevin it would seem that it was part of his title,
ya know like Sir Elton John or Attila the Hun. Perhps a well deserving and earned title no less. 

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     That dude should've just kept driving. The roo was obviously just trying to hurdle a moving car. If he had kept moving, he would've made it. Instead all his buddies are high fiving him and buying him congratulatory beers for earning style points.


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Ha, ha. Too funny, well maybe not.
You see only a few days ago while on my way to work in the early hours, I passed a car on the side of the freeway that had hit a very big Kangaroo. The Police were there, and so was the dead Kangaroo. The front of car was totalled, you wouldn't have been able to see out of the windscreen with how much the front of the car had been pushed in.
I see dead Kangaroos on the side of the freeway all the time, at least one a week. There are so many around that this sort of thing happens all the time.
Anyway, here's a clip for your viewing pleasure.  :P
As for Kevin, he's still a C@#t.

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     This is pretty much how I envision life in Australia to be like. Videos like that ^ do nothing to dispel that notion.  :P