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hot-sauce Show us your hot sauce Collection

Heres mine. I know I need/ want more. But its a start :)

There is a thread of this in the hot sauce collectors area but nice collections guys. Some of the people that are in the old thread have thousands of bottles
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/95268310@N02/8711664234/" title="image by ThePepperboy143, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8130/8711664234_ffff2941fa.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="image"></a>
Did you check out Paulky's? He's got thousands and some really sweet collectors series.
I remember when he bought the showcase for them.
Welcome Vic5. Do you happen to have a signed tin of PureEvil in that collection? ;) Just trying to assertain if Vic5 is who I think it is.
I just got back from the store picking up steak supplies for dinner tonight. Had to score me some more of that Iguana. The Mean Green... first time I taste that one.... it's delicious! I also got the XXX Habanero and Habanero Gold. Cucumbers really stand out in the gold.
Hi everyone, I've posted this on another topic but seeing as there's already a topic for it i'll post it here too!
We noticed our hot sauce shelf was getting very full last week and after putting the photo onto Twitter, we realised it would be great to showcase the personal hot sauce shelves of the chilli community. We want to write a blog article featuring hot sauce shelves from various sauce creators and personalities within the community both in the UK and everywhere else in the World. We'd love to include a photo and a favourite sauce with the reason why or a story behind it on our blog to give an insight into the personal chilli collections. 
If you're willing to help us and be featured on our blog, send us a photo (or two) and a short reason why you love your favourite sauce to:
If not, would you be able to pass it along to anyone you know has an interesting hot sauce shelf?
Thanks everyone!
Looks like Defcon has some Blairs 3am or whatever its called. Very nice!! Purest form of capsaicin I think