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hot-sauce Show us your hot sauce Collection

I want some Dave's Gourmet sauce, but at the moment I only have:
  • California Tortilla Screamin' Chipotle Sauce (one of my favorites - a HINT of spice)
  • Some smokey habañero sauce my girlfriend bought me from a cherokee reservation in New Mexico
  • Matteo's Loco "Ghost Burner" - basically mace in a bottle. I'm not a fan of the taste of the sauce, heat aside, but I received a demo batch from the restaurant. The creator added WAYYYYYYYYYY too much heat. As in, the sauce is not even edible on anything. It's basically pureed Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion with some xanthan gum, carrots, and vinegar. Not huge on the flavor.
The first cabinet

The second cabinet:

Damn. Look at all the Blair's sauces! Have you tried any of those reserves?
Looks like Defcon has some Blairs 3am or whatever its called. Very nice!! Purest form of capsaicin I think

The purest would be Blair's 16 million reserve.
Was cleaning the garage so thought I'd bring a post back from the depths of hell.
Holy Ghost Post!!!

Most of those look sealed. Time to start cracking them beauties open!