Sideshow Gardens New Banner

The Hot Pepper said:
Nice! I picture a sword swallower, but swallowing a sword fern, and a bearded lady...bug. :lol:
That's kinda what i'm going for. My booth is gonna be decorated with old Sideshow artwork and such. Goes with the theme of what i'm offering. Odd and curious plants.. Peppers are only a fraction of what i'm selling.
Kinda a crappy picture of the banner too by the way. I'm actually really happy with it. Great colors and sharp lines.
intended is spelled wrong
made u look
You think that's funny but it isn't haha. I had 500 business cards made that said "oddities and curiousities". My lovely wife (graphic designer on the side) was to blame for that.
The Hot Pepper said:
I once knew a band called Your Welcome. lol! They said, too late to change the name now lolzzzzz.
It could make sense.. I even looked up "curiousities" thinking, ok maybe it's a British way of spelling it. Nope, not even that. damnit..
I don't know really what terms to use and describe that type of "genre" or whatever, but it is cool and mysterious at the same time. Awhile back, someone gave me a set of dvds of the American Horror Story series. One season was called "Freakshow" and it was dark with such stuff. I found it disturbing in a primal kind of way, but yet still watched them all...  Great concept! I think you will capture a niche and be successful. 
To be honest, I've seen with the legalization of marijuana in my state, also comes a new generation of growers that don't have to hide anymore and also (hopefully) become interested in growing other things besides pot. But i'm trying to offer things to grow besides the standard "granny" garden. There's a whole other world of options out there and i'm trying to capture the interest of a whole other demographic. It hasn't been the easiest thing to do either. I'm buying seed from all over the world but it also has to be something that can grow in our climate and the surrounding areas. It's challenging but I think I have it figured out so we'll see how it catches on. Not to mention that the theme of it matches me. I'm kinda weird.. haha
Living by Coney Island I appreciate the theme. :)
The Hot Pepper said:
Living by Coney Island I appreciate the theme. :)
Yea. I like dark and weird. And I think other people do too whether they realize it yet or not. The unofficial motto of my business is "people like weird shit". This was the driving thought behind it.