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SineNomine 2022

It is time to start the new growth for 2022.
Link to my grow log 2021.

Last fall I kept a Tepin x Lemon Drop plant that I tried to grow as a bonchi. He's not the best candidate for that, but he looks pretty good. It even has a flower that seems to turn into a pod.

I will sow C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 6.

Here is the growth list:

Suspended pots:
- Fatalii - V1 2021 / Semillas - 3
- Fatalii - PaulG - 2
- Purple Thunder F4 yellow/caramel - PaulG / Pepper Guru - 2
- Trippaul Threat F3 yellow - PaulG - 1
- Papa Dreadie SB - Sawyer - 4
- Aji Jobito - Semillas - 3
- Farm Locoto - Samaipata - Pepper Guru -1 (Growdown Throwdown 2022) I hope the seeds arrive soon. The envelope has been sent for a month

Floor pots:
- Lemon Drop - V1 2021 / Semillas - 2
- Goliath Jalapeno - PaulG - 4
- Tasmanian Black - PaulG - 2
- Chilhuacle Negro - Semillas - 4
- Prik Khi Nu - Semillas - 2
- Ancho Mulato - Semillas - 3
- Tepin x Lemon Drop - V4 2021 / az1000 - 3

Growth will be hydroponic just like last year.
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I've been lurking your glog for a while @SineNomine - great production! And amazing use of space. Can't wait to see what the final weight is this year...

I found time to calculate the weight harvested this year.

Fatalii6 plants6.324 kgaverage 1.054 kg
Papa Dreadie SB45.495 kg1.374 kg
Aji Jobito33.429 kg1.143 kg
Goliath Jalapeno31.8 kg0.6 kg
Tepin x Lemon Drop31.265 kg0.42 kg
Tasmanian Black30.56 kg0.186 kg
Lemon Drop20.416 kg0.208 kg
Detached winner Papa Dreadie SB. :dance:
I also picked Tasmanian Black and Goliath Jalapeno between weighings for fresh consumption, so the total does not reflect the production of the plants. Likewise Lemon Drop.
Ancho Mulato and Vezena Piperka had problems with BER.
Chilhuacle Negro, Prik Khi Nu, Purple Thunder and Trippaul Threat produced too little to be counted.
The total number of peppers weighed was ~20kg.
I am happy with this for my little garden. :dance:
I eat a lot of sauce and powder and give it to those close to me, but not quite as much as I produce.
Last year I made fermented sauces of which I still have a lot. I thought I could even sell, but I'm not very good at it.
This year I made a lot of powder. And I still have a lot of frozen peppers. They will also go to fermented sauce.
Somehow I can't stop. It is a challenge to take everything to the maximum.