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SineNomine 2022

It is time to start the new growth for 2022.
Link to my grow log 2021.

Last fall I kept a Tepin x Lemon Drop plant that I tried to grow as a bonchi. He's not the best candidate for that, but he looks pretty good. It even has a flower that seems to turn into a pod.

I will sow C. Chinense on February 20 and C. Annuum on March 6.

Here is the growth list:

Suspended pots:
- Fatalii - V1 2021 / Semillas - 3
- Fatalii - PaulG - 2
- Purple Thunder F4 yellow/caramel - PaulG / Pepper Guru - 2
- Trippaul Threat F3 yellow - PaulG - 1
- Papa Dreadie SB - Sawyer - 4
- Aji Jobito - Semillas - 3
- Farm Locoto - Samaipata - Pepper Guru -1 (Growdown Throwdown 2022) I hope the seeds arrive soon. The envelope has been sent for a month

Floor pots:
- Lemon Drop - V1 2021 / Semillas - 2
- Goliath Jalapeno - PaulG - 4
- Tasmanian Black - PaulG - 2
- Chilhuacle Negro - Semillas - 4
- Prik Khi Nu - Semillas - 2
- Ancho Mulato - Semillas - 3
- Tepin x Lemon Drop - V4 2021 / az1000 - 3

Growth will be hydroponic just like last year.
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Yesterday I picked some more peppers.
Fatalii my seeds
IMG_20220814_105457 Fatalii my seeds.jpg

Fatalii @PaulG . They seem more aromatic than what I had. I will save seeds.
IMG_20220814_110405 Fatalii PaulG.jpg

Papa Dreadie SB

Aji Jobito

Tepin x Lemon Drop

Vezena Piperka. Some pods with less BER.
IMG_20220814_101625 Vezena Piperka.jpg

Tasmanian Black
IMG_20220814_101841 Tasmanian Black.jpg

Goliath Jalapeno
IMG_20220814_100752Goliath Goliath Jalapeno.jpg

Ancho Mulato. Just like at Vezena Piperka.
Next year I will have to look for solutions to introduce more Ca into the nutrient solution. Possibly another smaller tank just for this.
IMG_20220814_101841 Ancho Mulato.jpg
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Those fataliis are beautiful - and so are the others of course 🙂
Fatalii is probably one of the first chinenses I ever grew, and I remember not liking them. But it could also be that I wasn't ready for the taste 😁
Today I picked a few more pods. Almost all plants have a lot of green pods that I don't think will ripen. Here the temperature started to drop, reaching 12°C (53°F) at night.

Papa Dreadie SB, four plants. They are very productive plants and I like the aroma and hotness of the peppers. They will remain on the permanent growth list.
IMG_20220911_105213 Papa Dreadie SB.jpg

Fatalii, six plants
IMG_20220911_122404 Fatalii.jpg

Aji Jobito produced well although they tend to grow a lot vegetatively. I think I will grow them next year as well.
IMG_20220911_112143 Aju Jobito.jpg

Goliath Jalapeno, large and tasty pods. They will enter the permanent growth list.
IMG_20220911_123223 Goliath Jalapeno.jpg

Purple Thunder are very beautiful peppers, extremely hot, but the taste and aroma are missing. They feel a little grassy and that's about it. Due to the limited growing space, I will not grow them again next year.
IMG_20220911_113520 Purple Thunder F4.jpg

Trippaul Threat F3. Very beautiful pods, the plant grows very tall, it is not suitable for growing on the balcony, nor was it very productive in my growing conditions.
IMG_20220911_112143 Tripaul Threat.jpg
You rocked the grow this season, Dieter!
I have three half-sized pods on my Fatali.
The cold, wet Spring really set it back. Glad
to see that @CaneDog's seed line grew well
for you down in Chiapas. Maybe I should
move there :rofl:
@PaulG, I will grow Fatalii every year from the seeds you sent me from @CaneDog. Their aroma is stronger and more pleasant than those from my seeds.
Although I, Vivian, will do it near Bucharest, Romania. :rofl:
Although I would also move to Chiapas... :rofl:
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That balcony really is a jungle!

Looks like your papa dreadies also have some kind of a stinger to them like mine have. The shape looks very similar to the ones I'm growing... do they also have spikes?
That balcony really is a jungle!

Looks like your papa dreadies also have some kind of a stinger to them like mine have. The shape looks very similar to the ones I'm growing... do they also have spikes?
Thank you!
Some pods have visible spikes, others can only be felt.


Wow your balcony looks amazing
Another year, another balcony forest 😮 Great growing yet again!
Thank you! I like to have a garden, even if it is only on the balcony. :dance:
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