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SineNomine 2023

IMG_20230303_145332 de coperta.jpg

In this picture are 2 Dwarf Chiltepin from seeds from Semillas that sprouted on February 15. One of them shows signs of starting to branch out. A very nice growth habit for this variety. One of them will turn into a bonchi.

Links to my grow logs:

Hanging pots:
From the varieties grown in previous years:
- Fatalii - V2 2022 (original seeds from Semillas) - 2 plants
- Fatalii - V1 2022 (original seeds from PaulG / Cane Dog) - 1 plant
- Papa Dreadie SB - V1 2022 (original seeds from Sawyer G3) - 2 plants

New varieties:
- Humble Servants Homestead SB - MarcV 2022 - 2 plants
- KS Lemon Starrburst - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- PI 215734 - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- Aji Dulce Peruano - Thegreenchilemonster 2018 - 1 plant
- Aji Dulce Rojo - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- Frontera Sweet - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants

Bottom pots.
Here I have only one variety already grown, namely Goliath Jalapeno from PaulG. I will have almost half of the pots filled with Annuum from Spain.
- Goliath Jalapeno - V1 2022 (original seeds from PaulG) - 2 plants
- Farmers Jalapeño - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- De Arbol - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- Tap de Corti - MarcV 2020 - 2 plants
- Ñora - MarcV 2022 - 2 plants
- Jaranda - MarcV 2022 - 2 plants
- Jeromin - MarcV 2022 - 2 plants
- Pimiento Piquillo - Semillas 2022 - 2 plants
- Piment d´Espelette - Semillas 2022 - 3 plants
- Piment d´Espelette - MarcV 2020 - 2 plants

An hour ago, I soaked the C. Chinense seeds in a solution of 2% saltpeter in distilled water.


I will leave it for 2 hours, after which I will empty the saltpeter solution and put a solution of H2O2 0.3% plus Rhizotonic 1% for almost 24 hours..
Tomorrow I will put C. Chinense seeds in Root Riot cubes.
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The weather forecast is not very good for the next period. It's the first year since I have the balcony garden that I can't plant the plants outside on May 1st.


However, I took the seedlings outside for strengthening. In the evening I will put them in the house because the nights are still too cold.

Jungle C. Chinense. PI 215734 already has flowers. I will only see what is in the middle of the tray when I transplant them.



In the C. Annuum tray there are big differences between the plants due to very chaotic germination. But I am sure that they will all take off immediately after repotting in the big pots.

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I started transplanting the plants into the outdoor pots even though 6-7°C (42.8-44.6°F) nights are forecast next week. Weird weather this year.
The plants have been outside every day this week and last night.

These are the roots of a Fatalii plant from last year. The roots practically filled the entire pot.


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Yesterday it was cloudy and the maximum temperature was 14°C (57°F) and the minimum temperature was 8°C (46°F). Today it was a little sunny and 16°C (61°F) and there will be two nights with a minimum of 6°C (43°F).
It is far from what I wanted for my plants.
forecast May 9.jpeg

However, the plants are doing quite well. A few leaves torn by the wind and that's about it. I hope they will be just as resistant in the following days.
Pi 215734


Humble Servant Homestead SB

Group of Fatalii

Aji Dulce Rojo


Aji Dulce Peruano

Frontera Sweet


KS Lemon Starrurst


Papa Dreadie SB



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Thanks CaneDog! Indeed, it looks very good. This is the first year I grow this variety and I am very satisfied so far. A very compact plant that seems to be a very good producer.
About the picture, I try to learn from the best. 🙂


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Long period without update.
After planting outside, there followed a long period (almost all of May) with very cold nights and the plants suffered a lot. The leaves turned yellow and started to fall in the mass. Brown spots appeared on the remaining leaves, the growing shoots atrophy and turn black. Many plants have died and the remaining ones are struggling to survive. I suspect that it can also be a virus.
After that we had a massive invasion of aphids and this is the first year in which some green caterpillars appeared which very quickly devoured many of the remaining leaves.
I sprayed a lot with ecological insecticides, now it seems that the danger has passed.
I don't have pictures because the picture of the balcony is depressing.

On an optimistic note, I am posting pictures of the Zimbabwe Bird in a small pot. It is a very compact and extremely productive plant. It could be the right choice for windowsill plants.

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That Bird Pepper looks absolutely awesome SN! Sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations with the others. Warm July and August weather can fix a lot of problems though. Hope things go much better for your season now and the jungle comes back together!
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