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The Hot Pepper

August is when we plan to do the site update.
This site is wearing thin, there's technical issues popping up here and there and unfortunately there are no fixes due to older technology clashing with new. So that means, we've put this into high gear. We have already done some work in a test environment, so we know the ins and outs of this process. And it's not easy. There's a ton of work because we are moving platforms, so it's not like upgrading Windows.
I need to ask for your patience. We may be down a little while. I also need to ask that when it is upgraded, you give it a chance. There's always those that hate change and stomp their feet, and ask for the old site back. I understand. But that will not be possible. You will need to adapt. This is something that has been planned for awhile and with the change will come some awesome features.

@mention users
Bookmark posts
View on mobile without some wonky separate mobile site
The categories will be more cohesive
And MUCH more!
It will look different as well, and there's a new logo. You may not know how to perform some basics functions but we will guide you (but honestly this should not be a problem).
We've paid attention to what users have asked for in the past, and a lot is coming. Stay tuned and thanks for always being supportive. You guys rock!
I'll try to keep you posted on dates. Next week we will prep but it will not affect the site. This could happen in September, it all depends on how the next few weeks go. But if you are experiencing issues on the current site, please know that all will be remedied soon!
Okay, now it's time to be excited! Because this is going to be awesome!
Thank you!
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
Boss, would it be possible to keep this old site up and running along with the new one during a trial period? Can switch this old once the users are acclimated and settled in the new one. Possible?
I was checking the calendar also.... :lol:

Looking forward to the new features.
Cool beans, Fearless Leader[emoji106].Will we still be able to use tapatalk to access THP ? Will there be an app for us mobile users ?

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I noticed the sideways pix issue still with us and found this.........
The Hot Pepper said:
If you edit the pic before uploading it will upload correctly. Editing it "saves" the orientation instead of using native, which would be the way you held the phone. Really it is uploading correctly, but other sites like FB have better software that read the orientation EXIF. This will be fixed in the fall however.
Any updates on roll out of site update BossMan? And will it fix above?
All jokes aside about it "never happening," we had to delay it as to not disrupt the infrastructure in place for The Hot Pepper Awards. So we are back on track with the update just delayed, more info as it comes.
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