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Well, another late start for this thread! The first pics will be a couple weeks old and eventually I'll catch up and be current. This first post will be picture HEAVY.

Let's start with the good ol' banana bunch that we're waiting to SLOWLY ripen.


Here is the up and coming "wall-o-Passion Fruit". The trellis panels are 10 feet tall.


Next are my way late out of season pineapples. Now wrapped in chicken wire to keep the racoons and opposums at bay.




Followed by the early for the season pineapples.



Next are my Miracle Fruit plants(in need of weeding).



Here are a few starts in the screen porch, Miracle Fruit, Macadamia trees, and getting a pineapple top to root.


And the wonderful Mango tree budding out.


My lonely last cabbage of the last run. I'll pickle this one.

Following! Nice to see the trellis for the passiflora. I have small plants (P. edulis laevicarpa) and seedlings (P. edulis "Flame Ruby" and P. quadrangularis, the giant granadilla) and really should start planning to build a trellis of sorts...

Or a mango tree?

I don't remember on which forum I saw the image, but I've seen a photo from a small mango tree in bloom in the Netherlands. Someone with lots of dedication and a good conservatory (and a very masochistic nature).
How can someone grow a macadamia tree? Or a mango tree? I thought those only existed in fairy tales. Don't even get me started on your pineapples. 😜

I lucked out having a mature Mango tree on the property when we bought it, but, I have several Mango trees started in containers and planted on the property(and a few went to my neighbor) that were grown from the seeds of the Mangos off of that tree. The macadamia tree starts are from fresh seeds(with the shell on yet), just plant them in a gallon container and wait several months. The passion fruit plants were started from fruit that i bought at the grocery store, same with my Dragon Fruit plants. I also have lychee seedling trees started from seed from the fruit of the tree that was here and bore fruit for the first time last year. I hav a couple of Loquat trees that bear fruit also but I'm not that excited about them. The pineapples are easy, just twist the top off a ripe one, let it dry a few days, tear off a few rings of the bottom leaves, place in a cup of water and wait for it to produce roots and then put it in a container with dirt.
There, I'm done babbling for now!

And, Florida is kind of fairy tale land.
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What is the size of the passion fruit planters? Only one plant per planter? I already have a trellis :)

I don’t know how I missed this post.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ These are 24” X 36” utility tubs that I got from a building center. I then screwed 2” X 6” or 2” X 8” lumber to the top to make them deeper and then I drill a bunch of 3/4” holes in the bottom. I have 3 plants in each and they are doing great.

Here comes the Pineapple Express, a lot of new ones coming now. The Live Oak bloom fuzz is everywhere.



Banana Land update. They are filling out nicely and are on the SLOW path to ripening.


And Mango Mania, The tree is just loaded with little fruits right now although about half or more will be aborted.


The Mango tree is BIG.

Man killer plant flowering.


This was my last cabbage head from the last planting and apparently I left it a bit too long. I used it for pickled cabbage.πŸ˜‹


New banana tree coming up along side the current one.πŸ‘


New experiment(for me). After I cut off my cabbage heads I left them go and occasionally watered them. I had read somewhere that the will produce new heads(although smaller than the origionals). I guess we'll find out, they're growing pretty well. I also left 1 Kohlrabi stem to see what happens.


This is my oldest Miracle Fruit plant that produced all the seeds for my other plants. I moved it back into a container as it had started looking kind of bleak where it was planted in the ground(the native soil here is $HIT. I think it's looking a little better.

does the man killer plant really kill men? It's very pretty.
I read that about cabbages as well and regularly cut back lettuces to the stump and they re-grow