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The Mango tree is dropping it's "surplus" fruit quite heavily now. It always looks horrible but usually there are plenty left on the tree.




I potted up several of my Miracle Fruit seedlings from Solo cups to half gal. and one gallon pots.

I picked the last of last seasons late pineapples. A good looking specimen.


I potted up some pineapple tops that I had in Solo cups with water as they now had enough roots.



I now have some unknown pest eating my Passion Fruit vines. I originally caught rabbits doing it but had since put a fence around them. Probably time to put a camera on them. I went out in the dark last night and inspected them with the U.V. flashlight but saw nothing.

Your mango is loaded! How old is the tree?

The mango tree dropped a bunch of fruit this week, 30 mph winds for 4 days. It still looks like there are plenty left.
I'm not sure how old the tree is as it was here when we bought the place about 4 years ago. It was fairly big then already. I just got done processing(freeze drying) last years harvest, about 60 pounds after deseeding and pealing. Most of the fruits last year were 3/4 to 1 pound each.
MANGOS, MANGOS, MANGOS. The mango crop is now ripening. I have to pick them as soon as they have a bit of a yellow glow and ripen them in the house. I would prefer to keep them on the tree until ripe but as soon as they are 1/2 or more yellow the birds go after them, and once the skin is opened the smell is in the wind the possums and raccoons come for them. I have processed about 50 of them so far, pics below are what I have inside and there are still a lot on the tree.




Here's one of the bigger ones.


And, here's what happens when you have root knot nematodes in your soil. This was a tomato plant.


Our mango season is running on its last legs. The local empacadoras (fruit packers, where producers go to sell their produce) are not accepting mango anymore. The fruit quality deteriorates once the rainy season kicks in. I've never eaten as much mango as this year...
I've never eaten as much mango as this year...

I know what you mean. That was one of the reasons we got the freeze dryer years ago. Up north we always got more apples and plums than you could eat in a hurry, I still occasionally open a vacuum sealed jar of freeze dried apple or plum sorbet to snack on(processed in 2018). Now the freeze dryer will work non-stop until these mangos are done. I use that machine for all kinds of stuff.