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SKULLBIKERS Fun with peppers in 2021 GLOG

And so it begins, another year of growing some peppers. This will be a sort of continuation of last year
as several of those plants are still going(and many got whacked and ended up on the burn pile). 
Anyway, I have 3 trays of peppers sown and many have germinated already(mostly annums). I wanted to compare several different jalapeños for taste in real time. This tray is all jalapeños, ten types from 7 different vendors. The seeds in block 3 are from 2014.

Another tray with annums at each end and mostly rocotos in the middle(and they're taking their sweet time).



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I planted some pepper seeds on Christmas Eve as a bit of an experiment. I had about 25 solo cups full of "dirt" that held dead Miracle Fruit seeds that hadn't germinated. I dug out the MF seeds and took a spoon and scooped out a divet about 1/4 -- 3/8 inch deep, and put several seeds in each one and covered with a little of my regular seed starting mix hoping that a few might germinate. Keeping in mind this was probably the least sterile environment for germinating seeds I was surprised at the results(even though almost every one was a helmet head).
Yesterday at lunch time:


This morning:



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That is pretty amazing, @skullbiker. Some
of those seeds must have been pretty fresh.

Now what?