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SKULLBIKERS Fun with peppers in 2021 GLOG

And so it begins, another year of growing some peppers. This will be a sort of continuation of last year
as several of those plants are still going(and many got whacked and ended up on the burn pile). 
Anyway, I have 3 trays of peppers sown and many have germinated already(mostly annums). I wanted to compare several different jalapeños for taste in real time. This tray is all jalapeños, ten types from 7 different vendors. The seeds in block 3 are from 2014.

Another tray with annums at each end and mostly rocotos in the middle(and they're taking their sweet time).



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Those things can be a real pain if they get hold and nature seems to be throwing the kitchen sink of pests at you this year S but nice to see your persisting and doing well.
Here we have a plague of ladybugs ??? Not complaining but late in the season.

Are they ladybugs or asian beetles, they look the same but the asian beetles bite and stink if you smash them. We were over run by them in Minnesota the last couple of years that I lived there.
Are they ladybugs or asian beetles, they look the same but the asian beetles bite and stink if you smash them. We were over run by them in Minnesota the last couple of years that I lived there.
"Asian Beetles" are actually a species of ladybug, the official common name is Asian Multicolored Ladybird Beetle (Harmonia axyridis). They feed on soft bodied plant pests just like native ladybugs, however they become much more numerous, and have much better defense mechanisms....oh and they love entering structures when they seek hibernating refuge, by the hundreds and thousands. There is quite a bit of misinformation out there, one common one being that they aren't ladybugs. They are, just a much more annoying, and non-native species. They also competitively exclude native species, which has caused a dramatic decline of our native species.


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My single Albanian Red Hot on this plant, just about ready to pick.


Here come some more of those Brainstrain pods.


Pods are coming on the new PeppaPeach plants. Sadly, the old plants have croaked off.⚰️


Billy Bomb/Biker Bomb 🤷🏻‍♂️ F2 on a new plant.


A few Scarlett's Chili X Poblano F3 coming along.



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Scarlett's Chili X Poblano F3 looks a lovely plant and that Albanian red hot is one gorgeous pod,always nice looking in your garden S.🙂👍


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Well, I picked that Albanian Red Hot off that plant, I have one more pod off of another plant that's still green.


I cut it in half and then deseeded it and chopped it up to use in my breakfast tomorrow. The seeds are a bit dark around the edges. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I picked, cut up, and deseeded a mixed bag of PeppaPeach, Sugar Rush Red, and Sugar Rush Peach. I'll freeze them for now and later I'll smoke them, blend them and freeze dry them and make powder. I thinl it will be good.


Amazing color difference of two different pepper plants, a Bulgarian Carrot and an Arequipa Giant Rocoto. Both in solo cups, same feeding and light.



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The Albanian pod is a little over but there's a few seeds that should be viable.
As for those Baccatums they will make a wonderful powder that you'll have you growing at least the PeppaPeach again.
Props on the solo cup grows a lovely size on both plants in such small growing area.👍🙂


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A brainful of heat and 376 is a fine amount SB glad it's been bountiful Harvest on the Brain strains.🙂👍
Nobody will want to participate in a Growdown if it's Brainstrain that will be grown 😁

Already had a Growdown Throwdown with Yellow Brainstrain. :)

I didn't participate that year, but I followed it. There were some prolific harvests.


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Things are a bit slower with pepper picking this time of the year but I manage to get enough to chop up and put in my breakfasts. A few mixed ones this morning.


I also cleaned off the Sugar Rush Red plant one more time. This thing is getting a little bleak looking but up to now has produced almost as good as a Brainstrain!


I got 70 pods off of it this morning.


807 grams


I'm trying to move a few plants around as it gets hard to find good sun in the yard from now through march/april because of all the large live oaks.