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Smasehd for life

I feel like when I smashed moyboy is going to organize a revolt.
He has gotten quite in the past few minutes... Maybe he is bringing in PMD to overthrow you!
Uh oh, I am obviously in the samashed group too. I spelled quiet, quite. And you followed my lead Moyboy! Who is in your army? I'll join if you let me be a General. THP only offered me Lieutenant.
Isn't moyboy rear gunner?
HEY HEY moy edited my post!!!!!!! I have to go fix.
Next time I will ban you.
thehotpepper.com said:
Next time I will ban you.

That was a whore post.......plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!

You could have put it in the other post but nooooooo, you had to make a seperate post....

Why was that...hmmmmmmm??????