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Smasehd for life

Badger said:
You mean it was meant to read:
.....reeb thgil trap 1 edanomel strap 4.....edanomel dna reeb thgiL fo ydnahs a knird I.....oN ,oN ,oN ?

:lol:Nice. I meant it should be 4 parts beer to 1 part lemonade.
Letz me speak in Quadz and say... frell I needs teh new bierage! BRB!
moyboy said:
Yeah I know.....It was meant to be a joke but you had to go and stuff it up didn't you.......:lol:
It's no joke you drink girly mixed drinks with your pinky in the air.
thehotpepper.com said:
It's no joke you drink girly mixed drinks with your pinky in the air.

I keep my pinky nicely tucked away under the glass thanks....:lol:

It's usually something else that's up in the air when i drink to much....But that's another story....
He hey hey lower that ass back down!
Novacastrian said:
Yes it was good, very good infact and entirely accurate! :rofl:
An eye witness LOL!
Man I'm sorry I missed this last night. Moyboy, I should let you know that alcohol is the number one cause of rug burns to the forehead.
Ok I'm drunked now and no one wants to talk. I've been drinking Urthel. A bunch of different ones. Triple quad some sort of portefr and some flying dogs. Oh and vodka. Watching band of brothers marathon. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.