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smoking Smoked pork butt!

Rajun Gardener said:
I started late but smoke started rolling on the drum at 10:30. I smoked a butt and some Pterodactyl wings injected with a mix of coke, apple juice and Cajun Injector Cajun Butter then used rub I made.
Wow that looks tasty!  Now I am hungry!  :drool:
Bath for 24 hours then rub a few minutes ago.  It will go on around 3-4 ish.  I'm going to inject right before it goes on with my usual.  I'm using my previous recipe because family is visiting tomorrow.


Fire started at 5am.  A little later than usual.  I ran 100% apple that I picked up locally.  12 hour cook.  Was at 150 internal by the bone at the 4 hour mark.
Injected hard cider + a bottle of Italian dressing + rub
Used a vinegar base mop sauce.
2.5 cups white vinegar
1/2 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons turbinado sugar 
1 tablespoon hot sauce
3 teaspoons misc pepper powder
2 teaspoon white pepper
3ish tsp of rub
Lots of lingering fruit flavors.  Medium/mild heat.  Falls apart.  One of my favorite butts.  

Rub before I forget it.  I'm cooking for a diverse audience so less heat than usual.  The rub is very sweet forward and medium heat on the back end.  It might be my new favorite to taste raw. 
1 cup turbinado sugar 
1/2 cup granulated white baking sugar
1/4 cup sea salt
2T dried minced garlic 
2T dried minced onion 
2T dried mustard
2T+ fresh ground black pepper
2T paprika
2T+ fresh ground ancho powder
2T+ fresh ground guajillo powder
1T cayenne 
1T white pepper
2t cinnamon 
1t ginger
1t celery salt
1t cocoa powder 
1t cumin
Fire starts at midnight  :onfire:
A bit delayed but started the cook at 12:30.  My injection was plugging my injector so I switched to just apple juice.  
The minced onion was too big to go through my injector (duh!) so I injected apple juice instead of my usual mix with rub.  
I had a great fire all of this morning up until about 7am.  The meat was just over 150F at the four hour mark.  Then my fire started to get hot and I struggled to keep it below 300F.  Yikes!!  This grill leaks air like crazy - so even with the vents closed it was still rippin'.  Time to get a recteq pellet grill?  
I did my best to keep it mopped and the temps under control.  Mopping isn't going to put moisture into the meat but it seemed to keep the bark moist.
Mop was 1/2 apple juice, 1/2 apple cider vinegar, 2T rub, squirts of ketchup.    
It temped out at 200F around 11AM.  A 10.5 hour butt cook is my fastest to date.  I feared for the worst.
It wanted to fall apart coming off of the smoker.  Clean pull on the bone after letting it rest.
There is probably 5-10% that I won't bring to the carry-in.  It's too dry for my taste to serve.  I gladly ate it for lunch.  :D
The flavor is spot on classic bbq - nothing funky like my other rubs.  It has a nice sweet smoky forward into pork flavor that finishes with medium heat.  I would definitely do this one again but skip the granulated sugar.  There were a few bits where the granulated sugar burned.  I've never had that problem with 100% turbinado rubs.  (A member warned me about that a year or two ago)
Edit: typo       
I shredded it and included some of the tastiest burnt ends in the top left corner.  Now off to the picnic.  :cheers:



A bigger, or even adding an additional waterpan or adding cold water to the ones already there can help moderate spikes if things are getting outta hand.

Really tasty looking cook btw.