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Smokenmirraz Melbourne Miracle

Hi, I'm Smokenmirraz and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  The miracle part of the topic title is getting weather warm enough to grow super hots!  I'll try to add updates once a month or so.
I've grown chillies from seed in the past, but these days I'm not that motivated.  At the moment, most of my focus is on growing super hot chillies in 10 gallon pots purchased as seedlings from a local hardware store.  The garden bed has habaneros, jalapenos, and some kind of thai birds eye, tomatoes, herbs, eggplants, and lots of dwarf beans.
Currently growing:
- Chilli Trinidad 7-Pod Yellow in it's third year of growth and a fantastic producer.
- Chilli Trinidad 7-Pod Pink in it's second year.
- Chilli Carolina Reaper x 2.
- Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Butch T x 2.
- Chilli Naga Bhut Jolokia Red x 2.


Burnzy said:
Your plants look like they are getting a good bit more growth on them with the more consistent weather. Won't be long until the new ones start forming pods.
Yeah, they have grown a bit since the last update.  I'm now feeding each alternate weekend with half strength Aquasol or with normal strength magnesium sulphate.  Hopefully, they'll respond better than the previous possible over-fertilization.
Inspired by the good folks here using General Hydroponics Flora Bloom, I've started using that as the weekend feed at a rate of 2tsp/gallon.
Had a few small ripe pods this week from the yellow 7 pot.  Hoping they'll increase in size soon! 
Also might have to spread the pots out a little more as they're getting crowded.
Latest update from this morning:
Taking a long weekend off to celebrate Australia Day, so I thought I'd post some pics:
Group shot from lower down:

Some 7 pot pink pods:

Some 7 pot yellow pods:

A gnarly looking 7 pot yellow:
Your overwinters are going well! A few nice pods forming there and hopefully a whole bunch more over the next few weeks!
Burnzy said:
Your overwinters are going well! A few nice pods forming there and hopefully a whole bunch more over the next few weeks!
I'm happy with their progress.  The 7 pot yellow is starting to form some good sized pods.
Burnzy said:
Been meaning to ask. Where did you pick up your grow bags? and how have you found them so far?
I bought them on ebay.  Not super cheap, but they seem to be ok.  Not sure if they are better or worse than the plastic pots of similar size yet.