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bottling some bottling questions

ive got a few questions about bottling my sauce
fyi.... its pretty acidic.  vinegar citrus and lemon juice inside
          ill be using 5oz woozy bottles
1 if my recipe doesn't require cooking, should I use the hot fill method for it, or what way should I  seal the bottle to keep it shelf ready?
2 is a boiling water bath method ( like canning ) appropriate for woozy bottles with plastic lids?
3. those black plastic seals that came with the bottles, are they just for show or do they keep out air/ whatever?
If your ph is below 4, then you can hot fill sterylized bottles at 200°. Then hold upside down for 15 minutes. If your caps have the white liner inside then they will seal while they cool down. If they don't, then I doubt my advice is valid. I guess you mean the heat shrink. Its just to show that it hasn't been tampered with. It could keep the bottle from being opened accidentally I suppose.

Post pics too! We love those around here

Edit: boiling water bath is not advised


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Check out this thread, it should answer your questions.

My suggestion is- if the ph is less than 3.0, and not a fermenting sauce, it is ok to bottle and pantry. If it is fermentation or if the ph is more than 3.0, then definitely hot fill hold. Do not bwb the plastic caps, use the hfh process.

Have Fun!


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And yes to what walchit said, shrink bands are just for tamper evidence, does not help seal anything.