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Someone here threatened me.

Not a I am gonna find you and kill you thing.  Just a you better watch your ass sort of thing.  I do not know why he threatened me.  He also kept saying I said things I did not.  Like he was mixing me up wth someone, or mixing up a conversation.  He brought up Urfa Biber pepper, indicating I'd said something about it.  I'd not even mentioned it.

Until now, everyone here has been so very nice to me.  Suggestions and advice.  Even in chat room where have talked with folk about things like health and family.  Very nice people.  Then out of the blue, someone threatens me.  I have to know, is there some sort of club or click thing going on?  If I talk in the forum with one person, is another going to attack me this way?

Not the most emotiionally secure person right now.  Out the hospital after foot surgery, stuck on a couch, on pain medication that tends to bring out the whole 'I love you guy' think like in the bier commercials.  So probably oberly emotional, but that really, really hurt me.  I just want to know why someone in here would be so mean, did I do something? 

Also, if there are peopel in this forum who are legitimatley dangerous with their threats, could someone tell me who they are privately so I can avoid them?
Chill ajd.  I think with a bit of time and less meds in the way you'll see this place for what it is; a treasure trove of good information and people.  Just like the real world there are sharp edges, but nothing that you'd need to be warned about in advance.  

I'd say report it to the mods rather than making a public issue of it. that's what they're here for.

In my experience they do a great job policing this place - hell, I've gotten the odd warning point from time to time (and probably deserved them). And that's without ever threatening anyone. :rofl:

Sorry - don't mean to make light of the situation, just trying to add perspective. You seem like a very nice person - if someone legitimately threatened you that's clearly against forum rules & the mods will help.

Are there cliques here? Maybe - maybe not - people make friends over time. Just like in the real world, not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. Some might even be rude to you (gasp!) but that's ok too. Maybe over time you'll make friends here as well.

I wouldn't describe that as a clique. Just a community.

Right now your best bet is to send a message to a forum mod. Good luck. :cheers:
PM or post?
Click "Report" on the PM.
As Browning said, there's just been some miscommunication and confusion on both ends and the person in question has posted a response in an attempt to clarify what he meant. He is a good person, though clearly just a bit annoyed by some of the things you stated in your posts. And, on your part, I think how you worded some of what you posted comes across as critical/accusing and that you misunderstood or confused some of what was said in the clip that you shared (which was created by the person in question).
With a little patience I think things can easily sort out. :)
I don't think this post is a good idea. You suggest meds may be having an effect on you, and your other post asking if all chiliheads are thieves, and this one with the title of you've been threatened make me think you are right to think that the meds are a part of this. They may be making you interpret things the wrong way. 
It looks like it will resolve itself. If not let me know.
Threatened you? lol
I didnt threaten you. I simple said watch when you talk shit about companies you know nothing about (slander). Regardless of what you think you said, it's all in the thread which is posted below. You make a lot of assumptions brother and I was simply calling you out on them. If you talk about how a company does things in a public place, I'd highly recommend knowing what you are talking about first. By the way, in case you didnt read my last post in that thread..Im the person in the video. 
So anyway..here is the thread. Let me know where you were "threatened". And by the way..im not a mean person :) Welcome to the forum.
mm said: "Be real careful about trashing a company you have neither bought from nor obviously know shit about."

That is a threat.  I better be real careful or what?  Thing is, I had not said one negative thing about him or his company.  I agreed with Pfeffer that op growing works fine for some people.  To support that opinion, I showed a video of one of Puckerbutt's grower and discussed what the speaker in the video said.

So MM, the speaker in the video, goes all Kung Fu panda on me, using fowl language, threatening me.  It is wrong, it is impolite, it is rude.  Boy ought to say I am sorry and then wash his mouth out with soap.
MM said: "I simple said watch when you talk shit about companies you know nothing about (slander)."

Well OK then, it was a legal threat not a physical threat.  In that case, there is something you really need to know.  The word you are looking for is 'libel', not 'slander'.  Was reading about another grower that likes to throw those words around backwards.  Seems to be a thing with certain growers.  Good luck with that guy.

But seriously, I was not trashing on you or your business at all.  I was commenting on a youtube video in support of the way people like you grow out in the open / not in green houses.  No clue why you went all Kung Fu Panda.  Maybe you quit smoking reciently.  Maybe your wife has been treating you poorly.  I hear she is mean too.

What ever the case, i was all friendly and you were all mean.  You are mean.  Done.  Now go wash your mouth out with soap, do some push ups or something.  Try to avoid the wife, she is snake like from what I hear.
ajdrew said:
mm said: "Be real careful about trashing a company you have neither bought from nor obviously know shit about."

That is a threat.  I better be real careful or what?
It's not a threat. You are taking this out of context. He said this after he corrected what he said were false statements by you, which could hurt his company. You stated them as fact, even going as far as saying "100% untrue." He corrected you and said be careful what you say about a company because (this is how I interpret it) you never know if the owner is lurking as a forum member here, and may take you to task and not be too happy with you. 
That's how I see it.
Hope you guys can work it out.