event Southport NC Chili Cookoff

For those who love a good old hometown fest and chili cookoff. It's so hometown, you'd about like to scream. Only ten cooks allowed and it's people's choice only :mrgreen: It will be the first defense of my chili crown.

It's on April 15 in Southport, NC. Lots of crafts, bands and a huge play area for the kids (got two, I know how much this means! Also know of a playground just down the street from the fest to really run 'em out)

Just thought I'd throw it out there, for those who might like the info.

Gooooooooood day!
Home grown as they come. It's an amusing little operation with a cheap buy in ($25) and a good prize set up ($1000/1st place, $500/2nd place, $250/3rd and $150 for 4th, as well as $100 for best booth) (and, no, I did not win best booth last year. Someone with a Flintstone theme beat me! It was very cool, though) But as I said in the original post, they have a 10 cook limit, so if your interested, you better get on it. Here is the website. www.southportmerchants.com/events.asp
Hey Vic, We may take the 20min ride down to the buzzing Southport social scene that Sat.. Is it a sure bet that you'll be there :?: Maybe I can bring some goodies :twisted:

Hey Cap, It's a dang sure bet the Chili Doctor (that's my booth theme for this season, don't tell Bubba) will be in attendance. I have already sent my fee, rented a hotel room and for the amount in prize money, it's a tough one to miss. My wife has worked out her work schedule to get the long weekend and we are on the road. I am looking forward to seeing a friendly face (chili cookl offs in areas other than your own can be so lonely) in the crowd.

I actually used to be a resident of the cape fear (Wilmington to be specific) and was surprised how many people I either knew or remembered me from my time there. I helped start a comedy group called the "comically impaired" at Bessie's and the newspaper reporter who interviewed me at the end of the contest was also an alumnus.

So drag yer carcass to the fracass and eat of from the bosom of the goddess that is CHILI (was that over the top weird?)

PS though the fest is free, ther is a nominal fee for the tasting, either $5 or $10. But if you stop by, I'll give you more than one taster :twisted:
I ran the idea by the bride, and I got a "sure, sounds like fun"!!
:twisted: We have a gazzillion things going on that following week, butt we'll definately drop in to vote for the BEST chili 😉 Maybe bubba can show up in his big ole undies!!!
The Cap'n will be sportin' around in one of the world famous Cape Fear Pepper Company Tees.

I'll send ya a PM before that weekend.

well vicster droped a secret so i might as well say what im gonna do this year for showmanship.....im calling my booth vitual chili....i got a virtual reality hat and will be making virtual chili........should be intresting....i tried to cook my first virtual pot the other day and i virtualy burned my hand.
Cap, looking forward to meeting you and the better half. My much-better half and two little halves will be in attendance as well. (My boy will be dressed as a doctor as well, handing out lollipops to the other youngen's, it helps the cute factor for the showmanship judging!) I won't be real hard to find, as I am also REAL loud. (I think that volume and quality can co-exist peacefully.)

As far as you Bubbinhiemer, I am virtually looking forward to sseing what you have brought to the table. I am not sure that your running across the field in your Super-Bubba outfit will ever NOT be burnt into my brain, but as always I am loking forward to a fair(ish) and honest(ish) battle for the trophy. Past that, I have reformulated the Texas style and feel confident that I will be on the short list (is 400+ cooks a short list?) for Texas. Anything less than third at the states, and I am gonna pitch a tizzy on the level of John McEnroe and storm off the field like a petulent child. :twisted:
Vic, I zipped you a pm. Hopefully home projects will not get in the way of us making it to this cook-off in Southport. Love to meet ya and taste some of that award winning chili!!

Later Tater!

YEEE HAWWW!! :lol:
Had the opp to meet the Chiliman yesterday in Southport..I'm not just saying this because he is on the blog, or that we both come from Carolina, but this guy knows how to make excellent chili :!: This man also knows, how to work a crowd. Very fun person to watch..

Bubba, Vic now has a new secret ingredient for his next chili cook-off. :)


Cap, thanks for the kind, kind words.

For those who give a hoot, I pulled off the Southport Repeat, two years in, two years won. Got first out of a whoppin 5 cooks, but at the end of the day $1000 is $1000 (reason for the small # of cooks, is that they only take 10 cooks, 8 signed up, and three dropped out late, I like to think it's for fear of the Chili Man) The nice word form several of the tasters, was that the overall quality of chili was better than last year, and I talked to a few who plan on bringing their own next year to fill all ten spots again.

I have not had the chance yet, Cap, to taste the goods, but am looking forward to getting my chompers on it thins very evening. Thanks!

Bubba, you'll need more than just one secret ing. to take down the Chili Man in May. I'm coming to make history, baby.(sorry about the bravado, just feeling all upitty at the moment, I'll be better soon) And by the way, the whole Dr Chili thing is going to be scapped and I'll be going back to the Chili Con Carnival theme, just bigger and louder! (louder!? Vic, loud, never!)
congrats on your first place win. im hoping to get a cpt bones shirt before the state championship...have you seen his logo is that not awsome??
caps gotta print a 5xl...man i need to loose weight.
Tina Brooks said:
Something about seeing the Bubbinator dashing across a field in a cape, makes me really want to be there.


I'm still waiting for him to come to WTP. We can watch him run across the field, sans cape! ;) Of course, there, nobody will even glance up, unless he puts the cape back on! :lol: