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spongey's 2012 grow

well, so far a couple plants are still producing pods! and the rest are still growing and my seedlings are plugging away for being outside here in San Diego.
my douglah that i have at my office

Devils tongue red has 10+pods on in now blooms still coming in

Brain strain DWC

Douglah DWC

Choc Bhut, still waiting on my fist pod

Choc hab i pruned its roots and re potted it so hopefully it takes off once it warms up a little.

here is my mystery plant, gotten 30pods so far and more coming

here are the seedlings, carmen, 7pot white, fatalii, choc scorp, choc hab X Red hab, naga morich.

i will update from time to time hopefully this will be pics of tons of pods come spring time!

Looking very good spongey! How u like hydro compared to soil?
well i will really have to wait till the weather warms up, they definatly grow faster in Hydro. the douglah and brain strain are the same age! they were planted in the DWC in Aug as a week old seedlings. but now that its cooler the growth has slowed. as i live on the 2nd floor its easier to change the nutes on the DWC that watering the soil plants i have a 5 gallon bucket i put my pots in so the runoff does not run off the edge to my neighbors below.
haha I like the vitamin C sticker on the Devils tongue red. Is that where my seeds came from? How much Vit C does a pepper have?
They all look real happy!!
How much direct sun light do they receive during the day?

they get sun from about 11-12 till sunset( we have a west south west facing balcony
haha I like the vitamin C sticker on the Devils tongue red. Is that where my seeds came from? How much Vit C does a pepper have?

yes, that is the mother plant! and there was an orange tree in that pot at one time! so not really sure of the Vit C content.
Thanks guys, here is a pic of how bad off that Choc Bhutan I posted above was back on 8/14/11

It spent a month in dwc them back in soil
well here is an update pics taken about 20 min ago. they are slowly growing as i dont have an indoor grow set up so they have to deal with mid 40's at night and mid60-mid 70's and been getting sun from 10am-sunset
DWC brain strain is putting out flowers

DWC douglah its not very tall but it is bushy! i think once it warms up it will take off

choc bhut, lots of buds coming in

Brain strain root bound in a little pot need to pot it up soon

mystery pepper, thinking of cutting it back but it has 30+ little ball pods on it thinking the cooler weather is the cause of smaller pods

Devils tongue red

choc hab i cut back and root pruned

thank you and if you see anything of concern please let me know.


all the youngins, white 7 pot, carmen, choc habX red hab, fatalii, choc scorp, naga morich these are all outside on my balcony so they are not growing as fast as i would like but its the cards i am dealt.



Looking good. One of these days I will have to do a DWC plant

if you look at both brain strains i am growing and the douglah all sprouted at the same time and were put into the current homes back in August crazy to see just how much bigger the DWC is but it was expected. we will see once i pot it up if it grows out some more
WOO-HOO, hope i am not jinxing it or jumping the gun but the brain strain in the DWC i think has set its first 3 pods! i will wait a few more days to make sure they stick but if thy do hopefully its a sing of lots of pods to come! feels like a summer day! its mid 70's and sunny