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Spring is almost here!!!

At least in South Louisiana. I had to mow the yard about 2 weeks ago and it's time again because the weeds are blooming like crazy. The tree pollen is falling on everything and giving me allergies that I never had before, must be old age.
I took the camera for a walk around the yard to see what's growing. Maybe the pics will give hope to everyone in this storm that Spring will be here soon enough.
Two year old fig tree I started from cuttings starting to put out leaves

Sorry for the bad pic, it was cloudy and the flash didn't help. 3 year old Kumquat tree with ripe fruit, this is the first year getting fruit and it's loaded with a whole 4 Kumquats. 

Blueberries blooming!


2 Ghost pepper plants from last year trying to grow, I didn't cover these and I'm surprised they survived the few frosts we had.

Same with these Jalapenos

These are Mirlitons(vegetable pear or Chayote) planted in big cattle protein tubs starting to come back to life. A frost will knock them back but these will grow about 6 years if a hard freeze doesn't kill them.


Magaton cabbage, if it grows as big as advertised it should fill that tub.

7 Pot Primo and Big Mustard Momma pepper plants I overwintered in the greenhouse coming back to life. Even the weeds in the greenhouse are starting to takeover available real estate.


I'm late on starting tomatoes this year but I should be good, the peppers are loving the warm weather. I haven't had to use a heater in the greenhouse all year=Bonus!

Kumquat seeds I started from a neighbors tree that's sweeter than the trees I already have, just a guessing game as to what they will be but it's fun.

I'm late on getting these onions in the ground too

Fatali peppers that I drug in the old greenhouse when a frost threatened and they're still holding on to leaves. I need to drag those out and replant them with good soil once I'm sure Winter is gone.

4 year old Loquat tree is bearing fruit for the first time, it looks loke the fruit will be a good size too.

The older Loquat tree is loaded with fruit, this tree is 25 years old and usually make a ton of fruit if we don't get an early freeze that kills the buds.



Hang in there!! We'll all be sweating in no time.


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We had snow today for what feels like the 15th day in a row.  Seeing this really made my night.  :)

Sizzle Lips

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We are getting freezing rain in my parts.right now....still a long ways away before I have to worry about weeds. :lol: :lol:
Wow, great variety! That primo in particular looks like a beast.
Just about spring here as well. You can tell because the cedar pollen is quickly becoming unbearable...  :mad:
     Thanks for the pretty spring pics. I was beginning to forget what the color green looks like. On the bright side, the high temp here tomorrow is going to be in the upper 20s!  :cool:  We haven't seen that kind of heat since early December.
     When our local groundhog came out of his hole earlier this month, he froze to death immediately.


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That freakin' ground hog and Frozen chick are getting on my nerves.  
Nice pics Rajun. Nice to see something green.  It's got me thinking about Zero Turn Mower maintenance and the ton of work I've got ahead of me ...... starting in a month.  
I'm glad ya'll like the pics.
The weather has been warm for a winter here and these storms have been skirting me but I'm getting enough rain to make it a little too wet to mow. Some of the weeds are knee high already again. It's Mardi Gras season and parades all weekend with rain predicted. Temps look promising but I know we'll get a freak freeze/frost if I start planting early but I'm ready to get to work in the garden.
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