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Standbyandfire GLOG

So, for many years I grew hundreds of varieties down south in Savannah GA, had the space and growing temps were pretty good…sometimes too hot lol. Many nights with a headlamp on gardening at night because of the heat. Well, I took a promotion for work and have relocated to Pittsburgh PA. I now have limited space and a shorter growing season up here, but that’s ok. I have a small raised bed, and a balcony were I live, big adjustment to what I was used too. Well enough of the jibber jab. Short list of peppers growing this season.

Chocolate Bhutlah (SM) 😉
Butch T Scorpion
Carolina Reaper (Red)
Carolina Reaper (White)
7 pot Bubblegum (Red)
Ghost (Red)
Capsicum Caatingae (wild)
Hot Banana
Sweet Banana