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Stettoman '23: Had ya wondering, didn't I?

Yep, I'm going to take a stab at resurging my passion. Only 40 starts this year, and that may be ambitious for the space I'm allotted, but compared to the TWO I grew last year? Way.

So this year I'm doing the GIP Serrano Magic Powder again. Some of the farmers in Pueblo are growing some limited numbers of Serrano, so I may be able to augment to the 7 plants I'm doing myself. I had great aspirations to ship out some of that to a number of you guys, but somehow I dumbthumbed my address lists out of existence on the PC. I apologize and intend to follow through this year. I'll have the Rocoto/chokecherry jelly coming out my ears again, though I've got batches stored from previous seasons and plenty Aji Oro and chokecherries frozen to make more now.

The current lineup: Note that all but the Serrano are Rocoto...:)

Serrano Tampiqueño (Sandia)--7
Manzano Orange (Sandia)--4
Rocoto Rojo (stettoseed)--4
Arequipeño (stettoseed)--5
Gelbe Riesen (stettoseed)--5
Ecuador Sweet (stettoseed)--5
De Seda Yellow (stettoseed)--5
Turbo Pube (stettoseed)--5

01 18 23.jpg

The "stettoseed" is merely my own saved seeds from 2-4 years ago, all of which originated as gifts and trades with members here. My Prevagen deficiency doesn't allow me to credit those members adequately...sorry.

There is an absence of a number of varieties I just don't have space for this year: Aji Amarillo, Allepo, Jimmy Nardello, etc., etc., etc...But it's a start. I'm going to visit the Pueblo folks this year and see if I can find a marketing partner for the jelly.

And I blah on...I've been away. Now I'm back, missed you guys!!

Another thrilling episode to come!!


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Aw jeece, I promised a look at the Rocos, did'neye...

OK then, as is evident, though still mighty small, I have true leaves on all my Pubes (yah----don't go there). I'm having a snot of a time keeping temps at or below 75 degrees, but no one really looks to be suffering. The spindly looking one in the Solo front and to the right is a Sandia Orange Manzano, seems to be lagging the most...
3-13-23 1.jpg

...except for these two guys, the Aji Oros I planted to replace the overwinter I KILLED a couple weeks ago. These I neglected any soaking and still they popped in a week. I'm now of the mind that soaking may be overrated. Afterall, the seeds are from the 2019 harvest...
3-13-23 2.jpg

And of course, the obligatory Anuum shot. Still healthy, not yet hell-bent-for-leather, but I think that'll change with natural exposure and a bigger environment. Yep, that's one of the LO Thais up front and left that caused so much trouble a few posts back.
3-13-23 3.jpg

I dunno if I'm ahead of the Pueblo guys yet, I'm sure their starts are ahead of mine, but overall I'm fairly confident that I'm going to have good crops this year.

Wish I had more time, I need to get around the glogosphere more often, but I got contractors popping in and out (The Darlin' Bride isn't as happy with certain aspects of the house as she was on moving day). Kitchen people, bath people, landscape people (yup, she wants a waterfall :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: ), and I gotta paint the garage before pegboard and tool stuff can be took care o'...

So bye 👋👋👋 :drunk:


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Well hell, here I am back already, got a delayed contractor, thought I'd show y'all what I'm up against for my grow intentions...

This first pic is the lower part of the back yard, and the empty stretch is going to fill with chokecherry trees. They start producing in a season or two, I'm counting on some decent climate to get them off to a good start. Likely to plant at the end of March...I'm thinking 5 trees to start, and once they take hold they begin to sucker immediately.
landscape 1.jpg

A look up the steps to patio level, my goal being to yank the shrubbery on the left and create a raised bed system. It's sloped pretty good, so tiering may be the way...
landscape 2.jpg

I should establish orientation. The back yard is on the west side of the house. If not for the 2 storied monstrosities directly behind the house, we'd have a spectacular view of Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mt, and a lot of geographical eye candy.

From the north looking southerly. The structure right at the front is already got the foundation for a raised (Rocoto?) bed, It would get the least direct sunlight besides positioning pots along the north side of the house itself, which may become necessary...
landscape 3.jpg

Which leaves me less than 6'X6' foot of area for a greenhouse, if I take out the Rubbermaid shedlette. I have little use for the thing, but I was hoping for more space and a larger unit. This brings up the afore mentioned raised bed area. I CAN remove it to make room, or even just cut it down a couple feet. I'll make that determination soon enough.
landscape 4.jpg

Yes, that's a hose bib right in the middle of everything, covered with foam for winter. Either mighty convenient or a potential pain in the ass...I guess I could put the greenhouse down below, but I guess I'll need some consulting before I get too deep.

Anyway, that's what I got. No acreage, just a small xeriscaped back yard that the wife just loves (but wants a waterfall) and little options.

I'll get back to you...


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Once you get the undergrowth out of the way you'll be amazed how much more space you have.
Where's the waterfall going?


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Dear diary: My rookie mistake of 2023...

Edema 3-25-23.jpg

I guess nothing need said here, just wasn't paying attention. Kept to a schedule instead of checking moisture content.

They'll recover, of course. But as soon as I'm done knocking my head against the wall I'm going to have a Come to Jesus meeting with myself.