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Sulsa's 2022 grow log

As already stated in my welcome thread i'm fairly new to growing peppers. This is gonna be my second year of growing them.
Last year was quite a succes, started out with ten variaties that i could find locally and ended up with a garden full of lush plants and dito harvests. The climate here is not ideal for growing peppers, especially the 2021 season was quite wet arround here. Hoping this year will be a bit more favourable.

The plan for upcoming season is all about diversity in varieties. I'm trying to find the peppers i like the most and find good use for in the kitchen. Also cutting down on the number of plants per variety so i will not have to proces tons of peppers wich i don't really like.

Below my growlist for upcoming season:

Capsicum Pubescens (sowed 1-7-2022)

5x Rio Hualaga
5x Mini choco

Capsicum Chinense (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Bonda ma Jacques
5x Bahamian goat
5x Habanero red
30x Adjuma yellow

Capsicum Frutescens

20x Chabai green

Capsicum Baccatum (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Lemon drop
5x Aji mango
5x Sugar rush peach
5x Rainforrest

Capsicum annuum

5x Jalapeno el Jefe
5x Greek pepperoni
10x Cayenne
10x Cayenne #1 (big and beautyfull off pheno that popped up last year, giving it a try...)
5x Rawit
20x Piquillo de Lodosa
20x Kapia
20x Dulce de Espagna
5x Ancho negro

Most of this plants will be grown in containers in my backyard. I also have about 300 square meters of vegetable garden in wich i will grow a few varieties in open field. Did this last year with sweet peppers and this turned out pretty good.


First hook for this season... Rocoto mini choco (7 days after it hit the dirt )
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Your transplant strategy looks like a success!
Those will really take off now :rofl:!

I think you did the right thing 😉 . Your plants
look awesome across the board.
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What a joy to watch this thread! So healthy plants. And I really love your soil setup for mixing large quantities!
What a joy to watch this thread! So healthy plants. And I really love your soil setup for mixing large quantities!
Thanks @Anders
I like to do the soil thing... digging through a large heap of compost and pottingsoil is a satisfying thing to do.
It's in my nature! 🐷😁
Also some hard work because i sieve the soil and compost first... badass arm training!
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Took the afternoon off today, beautifull weather so decided to take the Chinense and Baccatums outside for the first time. After taking the Baccatums out of the growcloset i realised they were desperately in need of some repotting. They started to drop their big leaves and filled their pots with roots. Decided to transplant them, knowing i will have to carry them in and out of the house every day for the next four weeks or so......

The roots

Aji mango in 30 liter containers

Lemon drop in 30 liter containers

Super rush peach in 24 liter containers and a triplet in a 45 liter container

The annuums are going to spend their first night out. Madeshift table top greenhouse! :D
@Sulsa - Really nice plants.
They look awesome freshly planted
in those containers!Enjoy those Sugar
Rush Peach in a few months!
Transplanted some of the bigger Chinense today. Way too early, but they were desperately in need of some rootspace!
From left to right: 3 Bonda ma Jacques, 3 Bahamian goats and 3 Adjumas

Now they add to the amount of weight i have to carry around every day... in the sun, out the sun, in the house, out the house, can stay outside but need cover, maybe extra cover.... etc. etc. Although i like this time of the year it can become quite demanding sometimes!!!! 😃
Here is the rest of them
First ripe pepper this season! Never expected it would form a pepper in winter in the first place, but now it even ripened.
As you can see it is runted as can be, hardly the size of a flower, but nontheless it's a ripe pepper!!! :dance:


Adjuma charapita style! Bon appetit! 😁

Made a bold decision about a week ago...
Plants have been outdoors for the entire week now, day and night! No mercy!
They also can take a full day of sunshine, without any issues. Project hardening pepperplants: Check!👍

Here they are just before their evening routine

Days have been very sunny lately, temps getting up to 22C (70F) Nighttime temps drop to about 8C (46F)
I cover them at night with little plastic greenhouses.


Next week nighttime temps are gonna be a bit lower, probably about 6C (42F)
Got some insulation fleece ready to go, just in case.


I ques covering them isn't really necessary, but i like them to continue to grow, so i try to keep the lows acceptable for them. (The O.W. are also out at night without cover and they do fine and even continue to grow.)
Hoping temps will continue to build and not drop down anymore... would suck to carry all them pots indoors again, filling up the entire house...😳
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Love those little greenhouses, @Sulsa, very handy.

Our lows are dropping down to 40-41˚F. The wilds under
the canopy seem to be handling it okay, not many dropped
leaves and even a few berries setting.
Most plants are producing flowers already, but only the sugar rush peach "stumpy" are turning all flowers into pods!
No signs of flowers dropping, just setting tiny pods everywhere. 😀


The rocotos also start to produce their first flowers


And grow a lot of bushy undergrowth as well

The rocoto looks great with the new lateral
branches cup and coming.