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Sulsa's 2022 grow log

As already stated in my welcome thread i'm fairly new to growing peppers. This is gonna be my second year of growing them.
Last year was quite a succes, started out with ten variaties that i could find locally and ended up with a garden full of lush plants and dito harvests. The climate here is not ideal for growing peppers, especially the 2021 season was quite wet arround here. Hoping this year will be a bit more favourable.

The plan for upcoming season is all about diversity in varieties. I'm trying to find the peppers i like the most and find good use for in the kitchen. Also cutting down on the number of plants per variety so i will not have to proces tons of peppers wich i don't really like.

Below my growlist for upcoming season:

Capsicum Pubescens (sowed 1-7-2022)

5x Rio Hualaga
5x Mini choco

Capsicum Chinense (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Bonda ma Jacques
5x Bahamian goat
5x Habanero red
30x Adjuma yellow

Capsicum Frutescens

20x Chabai green

Capsicum Baccatum (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Lemon drop
5x Aji mango
5x Sugar rush peach
5x Rainforrest

Capsicum annuum

5x Jalapeno el Jefe
5x Greek pepperoni
10x Cayenne
10x Cayenne #1 (big and beautyfull off pheno that popped up last year, giving it a try...)
5x Rawit
20x Piquillo de Lodosa
20x Kapia
20x Dulce de Espagna
5x Ancho negro

Most of this plants will be grown in containers in my backyard. I also have about 300 square meters of vegetable garden in wich i will grow a few varieties in open field. Did this last year with sweet peppers and this turned out pretty good.


First hook for this season... Rocoto mini choco (7 days after it hit the dirt )
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You rocoto will like the cooler temperatures, and
some mid-day shade in the hot season. They do
quite well here in the PacNW at 45˚N latitude. They
do take awhile to ripen, which is a downer.
Rocotos prefer to grow outside is what i read and after observing them for a while now i think this is right. I'm just a bit worried if they can handle my climate in this time of the year and in their young stage of life.
The coming weeks will be cold nights 0-3C/32-37F and sunny days with temps reaching 12-16C/53-60F
I guess daytime won't be a problem, but could they handle the nights or should i take them inside at night?


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That seems chilly for the pubescens. If they are
protected, they might be okay, but the safe bet
is to keep them in at night until lows are above 40.
That seems chilly for the pubescens. If they are
protected, they might be okay, but the safe bet
is to keep them in at night until lows are above 40.
I figured something like that. Will get them inside at night for now. Today the sun was absent and it turned out to be a foggy day with quite some windchill. Temps didn't exceed 43F today. When i came home from work i rushed outside to see the state of my little precious. It looked quite happy... crispy green leaves with a coating of moisture on the hairy leaves. Curious to see how this will affect the growth, probably will slow down a bit.
Anyway, no room for big containers under the growlights, so this will be their reality from now on!


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Impressive flowering on the Red Habanero, indeed!
Those are some very photogenic plants! Wow! So, what are you going to do with them for the next four weeks? :)

😀 i've been thinking a lot about that the past days....
They allready pushed all the annuum, pubescens and frutescens out of the growcloset! So the daily moving them in and out has allready started for the big bulk of my grow. Up till now spring appears to come early around here, so they might join the early hardening pretty soon!
Chinense are ready for transplant, but the desired date is about 4 weeks away...
Right there with you. Except I maybe more like 5 1/2 weeks if the weather is good. I guess I just pampered them with things like warmth, water, nutrients, and other frills. So I'm marking my 2023 Chinense calendar for sow on 3/9/23

That sounds ridiculously late.
Maybe a little earlier.

Yeah, those plants look almost TOO perfect. ;)


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Now that's unfair... you hold the climatological high ground here!
On the other hand... I bet your climate has it's own disadvantages! 🤔

Yes, unfortunately there are a few disadvantages. We do have lots of bugs, above and below ground.