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movies TABASCO on the Orient Express


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I rented Murder on the Orient Express this evening. Never seen it, produced 1974, set in 1925 in Europe.

At around minute 35 of the movie, the Steward/butler brings a nightcap to the murder victim's stateroom, with a Tabasco bottle on the silver tray!!!!
Not buying the tie in to 1924 scenario with a 1974 hot sauce. Tabasco probably would not have been on the Orient Express with a 1970's label.
I do remember Tabasco being the hit of every party my parents and their friends visited. Tabasco for dinner, grapefruit for breakfast in the early 80's.

The example in the Orient Express is a bit like watching a movie produced in 2020, set in the early 90's, where someone is served avo on toast with some kombucha on the side.
Not buying the tie in to 1924 scenario with a 1974 hot sauce. Tabasco probably would not have been on the Orient Express with a 1970's label.
According to IMDB summary, the movie is set in December 1935. That bottle looks a lot like the one introduced in 1927. And the Bloody Mary was invented during the 20's. Given Tabasco was around since 1868 it's not unlikely it made its way to Europe. So maybe not as farfetched as it would seem.

No idea when it was introduced to the drink, though. Its inclusion might have just been because that's what the director knew.

Although if it's an Amber Moon as THP linked to, no idea when that was invented.
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My link was for this part:

The amber moon is featured in the 1974 mystery film Murder on the Orient Express, based on the 1934 novel by Agatha Christie. In the film, the butler Mr. Edward Beddoes, played by John Gielgud, brings this drink in the morning to his employer, Mr. Samuel Ratchett, just prior to the discovery of the murder. Beddoes knocks on the door of the dead man's train compartment and announces, "It's me sir, Beddoes, with your pick-me-up. Your Amber Moon, Mr. Ratchett." Beddoes is later questioned about the death of Ratchett, later revealed to be vile child murderer Lanfranco Cassetti, by the detective Hercule Poirot and relates, "His breakfast was his Amber Moon. He never rose until it had had its full effect."[5] The amber moon in the film was prepared with vodka instead of whisky.
Good catch there SL. And HFF! As Hellfire points out, Tabasco has only had one bottle shape since 1927, however I will side with you on that being grabbed at the supermarket for the movie with the amount of "gibberish" on the side and plastic cap. One of those "looks good enough" things.
Great....now i gotta watch that movie again.....just for that.

I also spotted a bare booby in Star Wars Jaba the Hut movie.