preservation Thai Hotties....for next batch of pickling

I picked up about a couple of pounds of Thai Hot chilli peppers yesterday from Patels.
Pickled the whole thing in Sesame oil this time instead of Mustard oil.

This is the first time I pickled in sesame oil. Let me see how it tastes.

Naga Jolokia Addict said:

I buy my Thai peppers at $ 2.49/lb at Patel Brothers.
The best thing about buying there is, you get to select, hand pick what you want to buy (green grocery).

This is the reason why I don't grow Thais here in US.


Yeah, that's why I don't grow them either. ;)
I love Thai Hotties :lol:

sorry, almost the end of day at work and anxious to get home to my garden!:)