Thanks for letting me join...

So far, since I registered, I am no longer able to see posts or topics. Supposedly I am in the "introduce yourself" thread, but I can't see it and it took me a bunch of clicking to figure it out and still confused. Anyways, new to fermenting hot sauce as of last year; am currently working on a Roasted Hatch with fresh jalapeno, tomatillo, onion and cilantro hot sauce and is 3 weeks in.


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest!

Hope you are seeing your posts and all by now.
Got me similar, that's what happens when you stop lurking.

Welcome, think we both joined at a very similar time. I'm not sure what a Roasted hatch is but I'm heading straight over to Hot Sauce Talk to find out. Good luck with your fermenting, I look forward to reading about it sometime.