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The 2022 PM Grow Log

PM 2022 Grow Log - 2021 GLOG

Well its 2 weeks to start date for us here. We wanted to share with you some of the new peppers we have growing.
A lot happened in 2021 that changed how we will approach 2021, but we will still be doing grow bags and added a plot for next years grow.
The list of peppers is ever updating as the last seeds roll on in.

Cheers THP, I will update this as we go!

For now a quick shot of what plants we have growing in the tent. This Ninfadora is just blowing me away with its foliage.

Welcome to glogosphere 2022, @Pepper Merchant!
Hope you have a top-shelf season upcoming.

Thanks Paul! Cant wait to see what everyone else has going on. As is tradition I'm sure I will be updating a lot at first and then get sucked into the work side of the grow in the fall and neglect the updates as usual.

@Pepper Merchant all the best for your 2022 grow season. Look forward to seeing your updates. Happy New year

Thank you Cap Connoisseurs! To you as well!
If you don't mind, would you share what the numbering system means?
I number plant varieties 1-100 (or how many types of plants I have that year)
Each number corresponds to the type I am growing. So anywhere that is Tag 1 is a reaper plant. Anywhere that is a tag 2 is a variety called 'Beast' and so on and so forth. This way when I am out in the garden and all the plants look the same I can pull out a handy pocket guide that is numbered 1 - 100 and find out what is what.


Above is the guide I keep outside laminated in the garden.
Below is the guide I keep on my PC that has a photo from each vendor/grow that I traded with.


I re-use my tags every year and to save on say having ten '1 tags' one year and then needing ten '6 tags' the next year I always sort my grow from the highest number of plants of each type to the lowest.

In the event I plant multiple of the same number but from different vendors I make a note on the tags.
This is how we do it, I find it the easiest and most cost efficient way without creating waste.
Update, Its been 28 days and we just managed to get all the peppers into the pots they will reside in until they are planted out.
Doing this kind of work early in the year gives me a break when we start syrup in the next 30d so neither the syrup or the plants will get neglected.

We finally set up the shelving in a way that I believe works best for us.
So far, one tray remains to be potted up, but its only full of seeds that did not pop that we have re-sown or seeds that arrived late due to mailing delays.

Currently we are at 254 peppers of the 300 we aimed for without counting the last tray that is still germinating.


Grow on everyone!
Things are starting to take shape here. Nearly 20 days until plant out means we need to prep the expanded space and get everything read.

On the left you can see out area we had put together last year and will use again this year for potted stock.

On the right we have a new bed prepared for the peppers. It will allow us to place more peppers in rows.