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The 2022 PM Grow Log

PM 2022 Grow Log - 2021 GLOG

Well its 2 weeks to start date for us here. We wanted to share with you some of the new peppers we have growing.
A lot happened in 2021 that changed how we will approach 2021, but we will still be doing grow bags and added a plot for next years grow.
The list of peppers is ever updating as the last seeds roll on in.

Cheers THP, I will update this as we go!

For now a quick shot of what plants we have growing in the tent. This Ninfadora is just blowing me away with its foliage.

Garden space is looking great, really developing nicely.
Impressive, PM! Lots of interesting purple foliage
in the tent! Good luck getting those planted out
later this month. I'm aiming for around the same
It may not be the cleanest plot, but it's well organized and they are finally in the ground!

Having been our first year with the tiller there are a number of things I would do differently that should enable us to set up quickly next year. That is provided we did not over do it this year.
Little update now that its getting near the end of June.
Rains have been heavy and deep this spring and the plants are behind compared to 2021, here are a few shots from the garden to share. I hope to have more exciting photos in the next month.


Check out this massive Gator Jigsaw we have going at the moment.