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The Ames Glog 2016

I am going to start this glog to help keep track of what is going on. I always lose my notes and forget what I am growing. I haven't finalized my grow list yet.. I do plan on growing a bunch of Turkish pepper varieties this year along with a bunch of heirloom tomato's. So here is what I have started already.
Aleppo  16 of 42 have popped as of 12-15-2015
Fresno 0 of 36 have popped as of 12-15-2015
Bahamian Goat 2 of 17 have popped as of 12-15-2015
Aji Jobito 2 of 24 have popped as of 12-15-2015
Brown Moruga cross of some kind 3 of 6 have popped as of 12-15-2015
Carolina Reaper (or whatever it is called now) 4 of 12 have popped as of 12-15-2015
CPR  Just started them today
Well that is all for now . I will get more seeds started over the Christmas holiday.
Well I've planted a bunch of peppers over the last couple of days. I only have about 30 or 40 more to put out. It has started raining so it will probably be a couple of more days before they get put in the dirt. The pepper that I am most excited about growing this year is the Aleppo. I ended up with 58 Aleppo's and some of them are already producing peppers. I dug up some horseradish over at the neighbors yesterday and will be planting this today when the rain takes a break.

Aji Jobito's
Hybrid Mode 01 said:
     Nice looking garden. Lots of real estate to play with! I can't wait to see some harvest pics of all those Aleppos! 
Thanks. That's just one of the small garden spots. The main garden is 50 X 100 feet. I was hoping to get more Aleppo's planted , but the last bunch of seeds did not germinate at all. I was kinda bummed out. Hopefully they will produce a bunch of peppers. I plan on making a bunch of powder and flakes from most of them.
Anyway today I got the cucumbers, cantaloupe, zucchini, and the horseradish planted. Also since we have gotten a nice steady soaking in kind of rain the asparagus has started to come up. Man I love this time of year.