seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

The Hot Pepper

Oh, and just a reminder, be sure to grab a flat rate bubble mailer from the post office. They are not always in stock so sometimes it’s necessary to order them.
PS. They are free to order on the USPS website. I once ordered 10, and didn't realize they come in packs of 10 so got a box of 100. But I did end up using most, still have a few. ;)
1) Someguy

2) JJJessee

3) Rairdog

4) Midwestchilihead

5) downriver

6) pex peppers

7) Paul G

8) heatmiser

9) vodu

10) harry_dangler

11) Fatalii llama

12) coldsmoke

13) pepper fish

14) Texas hot peppers

15) The pepper maniac

16) thoroughburro
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Let’s get this started! Would “Thoroughburro”and “some guy” message me your address please.

Someguy you will receive the “A” half of the train. It will move down the list.

Thoroughburro, you will receive the “B” half of the train. It will begin at the bottom of the list and move upward.