seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)


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This is what I'm putting on the 'A' train when it gets here.
If there is anything riders 'south' of me on the list would like
from my grow logs in general, let me know, and I'll put it in an
envelope with your name on it in the bag.

edit 11/13: replaced Variegated Jalapeño seeds with Fatali 2021
from some awesome pods from @CaneDog's strain.

@someguy - It's a shock the first time you see it :rofl:
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I would like thank Jeffcontonio for putting this train together. You did a great job. I would also like to thank everyone that donated seeds for the train and to thank THP for promoting this type of activity.

I found a few new varieties that I will grow this year and added some varieties that someone might enjoy.

The train will be leaving Kansas tomorrow morning. Here is the USPS tracking number 9405509205568849677845 . I also added an extra flat rate bubble envelope in case someone needs it.

Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it , Doug
To be fair do not take 5 packs of seeds and replace it with 1 pack of bell pepper seeds.

Good thing I have Moved/new garden but I'm coming back.
Holy cow, y’all! I wasn’t expecting so much variety!

Just spent a lovely couple hours looking through everything, making selections, and adding my seeds to send on. DM to the next stop has been sent, and if the address comes back I can send the train along tomorrow.
1) Someguy🅰️ ☑️

2) JJJessee🅰️☑️⤵️

3) Rairdog

4) Midwestchilihead

5) downriver

6) pex peppers

7) Paul G

8) heatmiser

9) vodu

10) harry_dangler

11) Fatalii llama

12) coldsmoke

13) pepper fish

14) Texas hot peppers

15) The pepper maniac

16) thoroughburro 🅱️☑️⤴️
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Paul g came up with a great idea of putting the list on page one and editing it as the train moves from stop to stop. This way it’s always there for everyone to find. By keeping it at page 1, I will not need to constantly repost it .
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