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The Farm - 2020

TrentL said:
Yes these are CBD / industrial hemp. We will be applying for a recreational grow license this year IF our county zoning will sign off on a marijuana grow license application. One of the requirements for a craft grow application is local zoning has  to sign off on the application to approve your site *before* the application is submitted. So we wait to see if county will allow it; and if they will get off their asses and vote in time to submit the application before the deadline.
Good luck with the local zoning, Trent.
Sometimes the wheels of government
grind exceedingly slow  :rolleyes:
If you are licensed for rec growing, will
you ship to other states?  :rofl:
Just kidding, brother.
TrentL said:
These are the rows we'd be going over (2019 photo of peppers and tomatoes in our north field)

This is all that really managed to set in the greenhouse last year (pics taken July 17) before the temps got too high; plants kept growing (some of the chinense got 6' tall in the greenhouse by end of season) but no new pods were set.






We did run 50% shade cloth and 24,000 cfm exhaust fans, but the summer temps were just too high.
Dang your farm is SIC. Good luck with this years grow !
So.. we're dumbasses. I didn't ask the wife to keep track of seed inventory, like, when we are running low on seeds, to give me a heads up. Think we just sold the last of the Tekne Dolmasi, leaving none for our grow this year. That sucks, it was our best selling pepper. 
TrentL said:
So.. we're dumbasses. I didn't ask the wife to keep track of seed inventory, like, when we are running low on seeds, to give me a heads up. Think we just sold the last of the Tekne Dolmasi, leaving none for our grow this year. That sucks, it was our best selling pepper. 

There is a chance I have some of your tekne dolmasi seed in my collection. If I do it's not a lot, but I'd be willing to donate them back to the cause. Let me know...
Mr.joe said:
There is a chance I have some of your tekne dolmasi seed in my collection. If I do it's not a lot, but I'd be willing to donate them back to the cause. Let me know...
DownRiver said:
I think I have some as well. Happy to send them back Trent. Just say the word!
BlackFatalii said:
I have some of your Tekne Dolmasi seeds as well. I would be happy to send them back if it will help.
I would totally be willing to ship you folks some of those grown in greenhouse isolated seeds if you wanted to do this and had spares. After filling 2 orders this week we have only 51 tekne dolmasi seeds left in our seed inventory, not even enough to do one tray. I could send a big variety pack your way if you could off-load any spare tekne seeds you don't need. We were wanting to do a couple of rows of them this year but it takes a lot of plants to fill long rows. Tekne plants don't get very big and I space them @ 18" on double rows - same as jalapeno, etc. So it takes ~133 plants per 100' row doing a double staggered row.
Our new mailing address is
Lawrence Family Farms
21185 Tullamore Rd. 
Delavan, IL 61734
Please put a note in the envelope with your preferred mailing address and I'll send you back a bundle of isolated seeds for your collection - 5 ea of a few dozen types or something. 
The Hot Pepper said:
The irony is this Glog has been at the top of the forum the last 2 days  :D
Good stuff.
Yeah this thread should bring some traffic to "growing other" this year. Maybe it'll toss the reputation of being the dark corner of the board where threads come to die lol :)
Mr.joe said:
When I get home tonight I'll see what I have. If I find some I'll ship them out asap I really don't need anything in return.
Appreciate it. Wife (who fills seed orders) thought I had held some in reserve, but I hadn't. 
There's not enough time to grow any to maturity indoors before the planting season gets here. If I planted them today I'd have seeds in like.. June or something. Way too late to start anything.  I would have had to have started them indoors in October to have a mature harvest by March. 
ETA: it just occurred to me that I need to start some peppers indoors this October lol.
Mr.joe said:
Ok, I have the envelope sealed, i will get it in the mail today. It's not much on the scale you work, but hopefully it helps get you back in the game.
Thanks man, if nothing else it will let us get some more seed stock built up. I could throw a few of those in to one of our cannabis fields and just let them open pollinate there without any risk of crossover. Our fields are > 4 mile apart from one another and way away from any town where gardens might be growing.
BlackFatalii said:
I mailed your Tekne Dolmasi seeds today. Best of luck with your grow this year!
Much appreciated. 
Today we're decontaminating the indoor garage where we did seed counts. The very air out there burns the lungs now when you walk through, and anytime pepper dust that settles on the floor is stirred up, the eyes, nose, and throat burn... 
Next year we do all seed sorting and counting of hot - ultrahots under a lab fume hood to capture and exhaust all that shit in to the great outdoors
We're also battling a thrip / aphid infestation in both grow rooms now. Ladybugs, lacewings, spinosad, diatomaceous earth, throwing everything at it. Have fungus gnats under control with bt israelensis strain, aphids were under control, now thrips are becoming a problem. Just seems to be never-ending, get one thing solved (or mostly so) and the next thing comes along to wreck your plans.
We used over 80 lbs of diatomaceous earth yesterday, took about 15 man hours to get it spread about the plants, problem with thrips is the bastards don't necessarily stick to the plants or soil, they wander off to lay eggs elsewhere. So we've got to treat everything, tables, walls, cracks in the floor, anywhere they might hide
Sounds like you have your work cut out for yourself, but you are used to that. Those pests are a major pain, I couldn't imagine doing it on the scale you operate. Unfortunately anywhere that grows plants good also grows plant eating pests.
Got both packages, thank you guys. The seeding for annuums are still a few weeks off but feels good to know we'll have more than a half tray. Last year I planted out 450 of them and we sold all of the peppers we grew, this year will kind of suck with only a hundred or so going out, but better than nothing. We need to grow as many as we can for isolated seed, too. 
I still have to enter in #'s on our sowing from yesterday but we've got all of our chinense started now; about 1700 cells are sown 2x per cell. 
Also have a lot of herbs started, as well as 20 trays of leeks. Leeks went in to 72 cell trays, various herbs and tobacco went in to 3" x 18 sheet pots (some will get transplanted to cell flats later), peppers were started in 48 cell trays this year.
70 trays started in all. Since the indoor rooms are already pushed to capacity I converted part of a garage to house shelves of trays. Have 8 lights on the way for those.  
I started the peppers in 48 count deep cell trays to give them more root zone, hoping to buy 6 weeks before pot-up is necessary. If I can get to mid-march before needing to pot them up I can gain a lot more room by getting our big high tunnel involved. It has capacity for ~36,000 3" pots.
Our seed starting mix this year is a bit different. I knocked out perlite and worm castings from the mix. Last year worm castings caused me some headaches when starting seed, and perlite was proven to deflect tap roots in some cases and cause issues. 

So the seed starting mix was;
180 gallons of coco fines (which fluffed out to more like 240 gallons when left to rest overnight)
6 lbs blood meal
1.5 lbs kelp meal
6 lbs rock phosphate (screened powder)
1.5 lbs steamed fish bone meal
6 lbs azomite
The initial mix was a bit dry so I added 15 gallons of warm water w/ 3 teaspoons of great white myco, to get biologicals going
We are tracking germination rates again this year on a tray by tray, variety by variety basis, so I can compare how this mix works.
As soon as trays germinate they will get a steady feeding of fish emulsion; there's always a lag time on dry nutrients activating.
For cannabis starts the mix is simpler; just pure coco; those get put on hydroponic A+B after sprouting. There will be some trays started in the organic mix, but most of it is going in to transitional fields this year, so no need to spend the money on the more expensive nutrients. Transplants which are not organic will cause a 12 month re-transition if used in transitional / organic lands, but our transitional land is still 18 months away from being certified, so no biggie there.