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The Farm - 2020

Glad the seeds made it, I have a couple of them planted as well so I'll see his they go. You are hard at work as always. I hope this is your year.
I just received an envelope with 7 different varieties including some that I don't have in my collection. I sent those seeds back just to help you out, without expectation of payment at all. Very kind of you. Thanks.
^^ ditto
Didn't really need anything in return Trent. Hope you can replenish your seed stock.
Thanks again for your generosity.
Got a lot more sprouted since I took this, but didn't take pics today, so you get several day old pic.. :)

We have sprouts in about 20 trays now. 
Will have updated germ % on everything in a week or so. (maybe a little longer on brown moruga, kinda goofed and forgot to put any water in that tray until I lifted it today and went WTF.. so seeds were just sitting in dry media for a week lol)
For about 15 minutes, at sunset, we had a pink snowfall a couple nights ago.

Past them evergreens is the 4.5 acre certified organic field on the new homestead.
The lane coming up to the house isn't even visible, even though I'd driven over it an hour before this pic. We didn't get a ton of snow but what we did get came fast.

Inside this building is our cannabis potency grow. The back part of the building contains our laying breeder hens (28 of them) and 2 very lucky roosters.

Out at the other farm, the loft has turned in to a mother room


We did manage to squeeze some seedlings in up there, though.

Our biggest challenge at this point is controlling aphids - spending about $200 a month on live ladybugs to keep them in check. They never quite seem to reproduce fast enough to maintain a balance on their own.
Also I wasn't specific enough on instructions for sowing pepper seeds, and the first round of chinense got seeded too deep (some, i found, were an inch down!).
Lots of problems from that. 
We re-started pretty much all of the trays last week, at correct depth...