The Hot Pepper Awards 2007 - Winners Announced!

chiliman said:
Whew, haven't taken a beaten like that in a food related contest since ........I can't even remember. Congrats to all the winners!!!!! I will apparently be having some crow this evening with some hot sauce!

You're lucky I didn't enter.... :lol:
I am so happy I won, I took first place in the Spice, with Happiness, my brother took 2nd with his Chips in the snack mix. this is my very first contest I have ever entered. I made a liguid version of happiness, then made the dry, I plan to enter my liguid next year. It is hot with great flavor. Congrats to all the winners, anyone who loves hot food gets thanks and congrats from me, a chili head. Rick b
congratulations everyone! one of these days, i hope to start making sauces and hopefully could enter something. until then, i'll just keep eating sauces made by people that know what their doing heh.
Just had a smoked turkey pastrami sandwich with some 'Crazy Mother Pucker's Liquid Lava XXX-Hot'... It's hotter than I thought it would be. :onfire:
Smells like sweet and sour sauce, but actually more sour. Tastes good, though.
That's quite an impressive list there . . .

Congratulations to all the winners for their time and determination put forth to earn these awards. Quite an accomplishment to say the least. A applaud one and all.