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The Not Pepper Awards 2018 WINNERS!



^Thats where my wife found me at midnight ‍♂️
WarrantMan said:
At least he was at home. Cool wife it seems.
Drink large amounts of tequila. Wake up in bed with a woman who's eyes are so crossed that when she cries, the tears roll down her back.... Then come to this table and talk sh*t.  That's what a friend told me...
Just saying.. poetry is a swirling...
[SIZE=10.5pt]Picked for list and I'm enamored. New year's day finds me hammered. A day late in this race but after work - accelerated pace.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]IPA’s or crafted beer, my own creation I have here. Strawberry wine and white grape too, not on the list, cheer greenguru![/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]So many here have wished me well, true hearts and spirits I can tell. Prayers, warm wishes and kindly thought, these precious things cannot be bought.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]But for free they are offered here, THP I hold dear. My little spot in Cyber Space, when at wit’s end, my special place.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]No reports to file, no one to fight, always here it is a good night. From around the world I’ve found friends, I really hope it never ends.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]One man’s view unto this world, alcohol fueled and poetry swirled. Off the cuff I think this, did I hit or did I miss?[/SIZE]