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The Pie Thread

Their is a "Meat Pie" thread in the other section, figured might just do a general one.
Did a quickie Shortbread Apple Pie, looks messy but was realy satisfying :)
Used Walkers Scottish shortbread, then filled with cut garden apples previously frozen, topped with Cinnamon, Ginger, Allspice, Cloves, Nutmeg and Chipotle. Coated with a water/honey/cornstarch mix. 


Walchit said:
My wife made me a chocolate pie for Valentine's day, it's gone though.
Thats a good wife.
My dear sweet wife has no such thoughts of sharing chocolate.
Her mac and cheese rocks like rabid howling wolves having sex at midnight.
She doesn't share that either.
I might get a taste.
But thats it.
And after all these years.
mrs. blues is still a tease!
Chicken Pie :D
-PC cooked sweet potato mixed with flour and coconut oil and Hot Portugal pepper (crushed up dried whole pepper)
-PC cooked yellow/white potato, then fried in olive oil to brown, add to bottom of dish.
-Added rehydrated Tomato, Porcine Mushrooms, Red pepper cut with onions on the next layer, add a layer of chipotle powder.
-Added next layer with spiced cut up chicken leg (dont recall the spices), kept skin on, added a bit of chicken/mushroom stock before adding cap.
cooked for an hour 375f
Meat nice and tender :)



Apple Pie, was going to do a PIzza Pie but didnt have enough ingredients to justify it.
Apples, Fetta cheese, Cinamon, Cloves Honey and all spice.
Forgot to put parchment paper down so it stuck :(
Once I plated it up I couldn't shake the urge to just top it off, so added my Nuttella and Sour cherry spice sauce.


Ghaleon said:
No pie beats cheesecake. I prefer plain.
Agree to disagree!

But yeah plain cheesecake is fire. My granny used to make me plain cheesecake and just put it in these Tupperware things for me. But pie is probably one of my favorites. Chocolate, pumpkin, pecan, they are all so good.
Had some rotisserie chicken so used up the meat along with the stock I made from the remnants ...add this & that and came up with
this chicken pot pie.One thing I did different is I put pastry at the bottom ...baked first..them poured my pot pie mixture over it,forgot
to add the peas  so just threw it on top & hey it came out looking decent...ya think ;)   ...kinda like it was an  intentional pattern..not so. :shh: