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The Ramen Lover's Thread

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If you have never had an authentic bowl of ramen, you are missing out. Find out the nearest ramen joint to your area and get out there STAT.
For the rest of you have love yourself a tasty, steaming bowl of noodley goodness, post your pics and add location details and help out the uninitiated.
I'll start with this one. Kara-Miso Ramen (literally spicy miso) from a chain store called Ramen Bandai (formerly Kurumaya Ramen). Was good for what it was, but since they took out their signature garlic from the miso (name change and chain consolidation I think) it just doesn't hit the spot anymore. :-(
Still enjoyed it though!
a friend gave this to me because he didn`t see "spicy" on the label when he bought it. he doesn't`t eat anything even mildly spicy. i didn`t doctor it as a wanted to see how it was as is. not bad tasting and decent heat but i like it a little hotter. not bad for instant ramen.

Costco had a sale on the Nongshim spicy bowls not long ago. Not as good as the shin black but i found a good use for them.
Use just half the seasoning pack since its super salty.
Add around a cup of chopped kimchi
Any precooked meat or seafood. I normally add pork or shrimp
About 3-4min in the microwave
Garnish with a little LaoGanMa (optional) Dig down in the jar to get the chunkier stuff and let some of the oil run off.
Thats a real tasty bowl of ramen.


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luvmesump3pp3rz said:
had ramen stir-fry last night. chicken breast nuggets, broccoli, snap peas, mushrooms, bean sprouts and green onion and ramen noodles of course. habanero powder on my plate because my????? don`t like any heat.
???Significant other??? The reason I question is there's five living at my home and three are chileheads & two heat less residents.
This is the Nongshim noodle bowls i got. Only use half the seasoning packet. It will be plenty salty with the kimchi
Mix the seasoning, roast pork, kimchi and hot water in the bowl. Microwave it until its really hot. Around a minute and a half in a 1500watt. Put the noodle block in the bowl. Microwave for 3min, stirring it each minute. Let it set for a couple minutes when its done.
Its funny, the ONLY way you can get something like this at any of our local restaurants is if you buy the huge expensive hot pot. None of them serve a bowl kimchi ramyun and they do offer other ramyun. This aint like some off the wall fushion. You can buy kimchi ramyun packs from Nongshim OTTOGI and i think Paldo. All Korean brands.
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