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off-topic The "Roaming Tome"


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A challenge for anyone who may accept it. But, for this particular challenge, I can only offer it in full to the “first” respondent.

The context:

I have been a chillihead for most of my life. I have a small, but very successful hot sauce company that I am most proud of. Created by a love of the craft and the desire to offer up my take on what hot sauce “should” be. The journey to this point, has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. My company name is a “real” vocational reflection. I am a career cop and hold the distinction of having arrested more fugitives and serving more warrants than any individual cop in the history of the United States. Ergo the “nickname” I once loathed, but now own… Warrant Man.

In May 2020, an idea was hatched and put into motion by longtime and coveted THP member (and I hasten to add, a great sauce producer @salsalady Pure Evil Products | Pure Evil Capsaicun Drops ) whereby a copy of my book (now in third printing true stories from a lowcountry cop - Search (bing.com) was sent to an unsuspecting chillihead somewhere in the world, The caveat, upon receipt, he or she must sign it after reading, take a few pics to post on THP and then send it on with similar instructions to the next recipient. It was initially hoped that the journey might circle the globe. It was called “The Roaming Tome.”

Sadly, the experience ended with an untimely death and ended the project.

I offer now on this date, to the “first” to PM me here on THP in response to this challenge, a full set of my products to use as you see fit, and a signed copy of my book to send along in this grand experiment. Upon my word, I will never reveal your information.

The challenge if you choose to accept it.

Great to see you! It's been too long since we've had the pleasure of your company, Reggie.

The first to accept Reggie's challenge really has something to look forward to. Especially my favourite, Arson, which I have the pleasure of adding to my food every day.