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THP seeks video reviewer for 2018


If you ever need a guitarist.
The frontrunners are:
Edmick - Pro attitude with a unique sense of humor, thorough and concise reviews.
hogleg - Laid back attitude and pepper tolerance. Epic beard and once snorted superhot powder.
I'm kinda curious why Peter hasn't applied?
I really think he is a far better man for the job than me.
I wonder if its cause he's not eating whole supers anymore?
In my opinion he did the right thing not eating whole supers in review now.
A pod review is not a feat of strength. It's to describe its flavor first and foremost and it's burn secondly IMO. And it certainly doesn't take a whole pod with placenta and seeds to describe.
We really need The Gentle Beast!! his reviews are second only to Nigel IMO.
btw I've already stated it will take a half million dollar donation to the group that brings kittehs and doggies in to the hospitals to visit young cancer patients if y'all all wanna see me hork da pow again.
Agreed. I personally do not have a desire to do pod reviews but for those that do, I see no reason to eat the whole pod. Flavor and heat can be determined by sampling a small piece. Same thing goes for sauce too. These people that are slammin' whole spoonful's of the stuff on youtube is ridiculous. It's meant to compliment food. How often do you eat a whole spoonful of sauce in one bite? It's not an accurate representation