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Tokyo off-season 2021-2022: More Tent Fun

OK! As we get rolling on the next phase of this ongoing series of marginal successes and impressive failures, let's take stock.

Currently happy, healthy, and producing fruit:
  • Casados
  • Sugar Rush Peach
Recently rooted via coffee filters and just planted in coir:
  • Jamaican Red Hab (hi Paul!)
  • Sugar Rush Cream (hi Paul!)
  • Zapotec jalapeno (hi Mr. White!)
  • Huacho Amarillo (hi... whoever sent me this as an extra on an order!)
No hooks yet:
  • Carolina Reaper (hi Alejandro!)
  • Caribe (see Huacho Amarillo above)
Below you have today's work. There are five seeds in each one, and all but a few have hooks, so the prospects seem pretty good for healthy plants, and probably extras for some more fruitless (mwahahaha) experiments besides. There's even a Sugar Rush Cream that put its cotys out before I even knew anything had happened, so that's an impressively ambitious little guy. We will watch his career with great interest.


Yes, I know you can see my sexy leg in this picture. Control yourselves! I'm married!

I was expecting to wait longer for these seeds to get started, as all of them are several years old, but they've been very enthusiastic; I'm not concerned about the reapers yet, as those take forever to do anything, and I think the Caribe is one I've tried to sprout from this batch before and might just not be viable. But we'll see.

As is tradition, I'll leave you with a completely irrelevant photo. A friend of my wife's recently gave me my first Gundam model; here it is, in all of its 13-cm-tall glory.

The Sugar Rush Cream is my favorite sweet
pepper. Almost like candy. And, glad to hear
the JA Red Habanero is still plugging away
for you.
They are moe like a cherry pepper shape.
Flavor is awesome.
Well once again it's been a while... the guppy keeps us busy. And, finally having found a new job, I'm trying to get my plants back in order.

Right now, the only thing left in the tent is my SR Cream, which is just comically prolific. My last sauce was only that, and fresh/vinegar-based rather than fermented; definitely not what I'm used to, but the upcoming batch -- which is going to have to start soon -- will be fermented again. The old ways are the best ways.

Moved my JA red habanero outside to see if I can get it to start producing again, as it stalled for quite a long time in the tent. Tokyo spring is giving way to summer, so it should have plenty of time to do something if it's going to. Will be keeping it near the carport so I can give it shelter in the worst parts of summer. Hopefully that'll keep it happy.

Currently prepping rock wool to start some choco habs and alma paprika, and also some basil and perilla (which is used to make a particular kind of kimchi that my wife adores). Last time I tried starting herbs, I just was not paying attention, and ended up with plenty of promising sprouts that... got ignored for a day and wilted. Now that it's humid enough that my dehumidifier is pulling at least a liter of water out of the air every day, it should be a lot more convenient to keep myself on task.

Planning to start a new glog once there are sprouts, and I'll stick details in there. :)

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