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Hey guys,

Just harvested this wonderful little capsaicin bomb from my plant today and cut it open to save the seeds and found this interesting green growth you can see on the right part in picture 2. I've only had one other TS pepper with this and I'm wondering what it is. It looks like it was attached to the stem.


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Inner parthenocarpy, seedless fruit forming inside seeded fruit, is a not uncommon trait for some plants.

In my notes I just called them double-fruited when the plants display the trait fully, and semi-double when only the occasional fruit does it.
That reminds me of this:
Borg-9 2021.jpg
This particular Borg-9 fruit had an inner fruit, which is why it weighed 15 grams and the plant it came from is a semi-double. It's the particular B-9 I'll be saving seeds from this year.

I have a long orange habanero plant that is fully double in the garden right now. I grew it from cuttings I took last autumn when I found the plant to be worth growing again.

I consider it a highly desirable trait.
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